How to get your random posts into a real website!

Last Update: February 05, 2020

Shape the pearls of your published posts into a professional looking website.

It is possible!

I did it, and I am a random artist, without no clue!!! Most of my friends have a much more analytical mind and would have achieved it sooner.

But I just wrote for the fun of writing, published for the fun of sharing.

Now I learned, there is a science to it. I was about to call it an art. But that wouldn't be exact.

Managing a website is not an art, but science. It is subject to the law of copy writing and professional digital marketing.

I have to stop just doing things my way and start listening to the pros.

Analytic minds and friends.

Get your content into a professional shape. Maybe use a homepage with a welcoming message that you update frequently indicating your new posts, videos or fotos. An intermediate in between a blog and a website.

Make clear distinctions in categories, and do not ever leave any admin or uncategorized signatures around. They just signal "work in progress" and not what you want to convey.

You are an authority in your niche and have been for a while. So have a professional well-organized website, that is updated regularly. Organize your posts in few categories, not more than four and be sure to delete any redirect in your SEO plugin.

Delete caches and redirects to keep your site speed up. If you don't know how to do that, ask site support! They taught me,

Best wishes


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Dave07 Premium
Hi Janie
I think you are maybe being too hard on yourself as I always enjoyed reading the posts on your site, even though I have zero knowledge of music. Your writing is always absorbing and a great read.
It’s definitely a good idea to keep things organised and certainly remove references to admin and uncategorised.
I’m looking forward to having a look at your updated sites!

All the best
JanieTH Premium
Thank you so much, Dave. You are so supportive and kind!
You lift me up and help me a lot,
Looking up to you!
Not only for your triangle art,
Alketa1 Premium
Hi Janie, thanks for sharing, I agree site support are very helpful.
JanieTH Premium
They are!
BruceStephen Premium
Thanks janie good post with good information.
Regards Bruce
JanieTH Premium
So happy!! Thank you for your comment and kind support,
CathyAllen Premium
You are very motivational! Keep the sun shining for us. :D
JanieTH Premium
Thank you, you are such a wonderful soul!!
JanieTH Premium
Thank you so much!! I appreciate it ;) Thanks to all of you