How do you teach an art you never had to learn - you just knew

Last Update: October 09, 2019

When I'm in the classroom, teaching, I sometimes feel like I can't breathe.

I wish they would just understand, on some profound level what I mean,
study and then do it better than me!

Flipped classroom, peer to peer - innovative or the way we are designed to learn?

I'm sitting in the classroom now, writing down my thoughts after lessons,
as I'm a bit frustrated by today's outcome.

Sometimes I'm too impatient and too much in love with the subject, maybe.
My students need someone who tells them bit by bit what to do.

But I think that would somehow be lazy and not really learning anything.

I wish they would surprise me, have ideas, questions, try out something on their own, build a group of peers and help each other.

But why can't they be more like I was? Their own teachers, burning with the wish to understand deeply and passionate about the subject?

On my way to becoming a flutist I can't remember any step by step progress, I just knew.

Do you remember how you learned to speak your mother language? That's the same as flute playing to me. My mother tongue.

Maybe I'm more of a performer than a teacher. I'm more of a child with the ability to learn anything without a book of grammar. I'm more like the child that observes the world and learns its rules while playing in it. If you never played, never failed, just followed some step by step rules, is that the same?If you wish to know click the link below.

This is what I love but can't teach.

music is a dream expression of life

It's obviously my own inability to break down flute playing into bits and pieces and add them, like I was constructing a house. That is usually the way we think of learning, brick by brick.

Theoretically I could just follow the books by authors who did this work for me.

But I wish to create art from the first sound my students make.

It should become part of them, being seduced by the beauty of it and in awe of their own ability to produce it.

Playing music is getting back the control of time, your time, your life.
You decide how it's divided, lived, the mood and energy of every moment you play and those of silence within it, shortly before and after your sounds, if those moments pass slowly or fast.

You decide with your breathing, there is nothing more fascinating than creating your own beautiful time in life with music. It is scientifically proven that the frequency of the brain is much higher when you play music than when you think.

This energy flow is also called being in the zone, flow or forever box. The most beautiful thing about that is, that your audience can get their too. With you, to the same high speed energy, while listening. So why would I waste too many words to my students, we should play and share energy.

This also works with pets, proven only for dogs through scientific research,
and for cats at my home ;)

The power of music to me cannot be taught bit by bit, it is more like one deep breath that may take a lifetime.

You know everything from the start, but are still a beginner at the end of your journey

I love what I do (playing and performing) and feel that I just learned it by breathing, it was as natural as learning how to walk or how to talk.
As with those basic things in life, I just wanted to try, I saw others do it, I liked it, because it gave me more possibilities to act upon the world around you (walk and talk).

Walk and talk

So we are motivated and wish to learn it from a very profound level inside us.
It's an intrinsic need, not governed by textbooks or passages, it is not a competition with a finish line or an exam with a mark.
It is, in fact, falling in love with life, first

Being able to touch, manipulate (in the sense of changing something with you hands and only later with your mind), express, connect, communicate, create and start all over again from a more powerful place, with more options to do those exact same basic things on a higher level: touch, manipulate, express, connect, communicate, create.
There is not too much of analyzing and evaluating in this cycle. It would be disturbing.
It appears to be merely a side effect or help to do some of those things more and better.

Art is life, life is art

So how do you teach something so close to life itself. I feel I should be a moderator, or assistant, rather than a guide. I should assist my students in their discovery and give them more things to chew on. To me, it is not helpful to break everything down into tiny little steps to be followed one after the other. Students should be their own teachers, teachers should provide a wide range of aspects and assist the student. (a little Montessori)

And much like here in WA. Some of us have immediately their website ranked, affiliate links running and make their first sell in 3 weeks.
Some of us love expressing themselves every step of the way, in their own chaotic order (me, for example), to allow the new parts to become part of them and integrate them well in a new self before move on.
I myself enjoy experiencing how new knowledge changes everything in me and around me.

I feel alive when sharing my new insights (some more interesting, some a lot less...) with you and connecting. Hopefully, I will get to the affiliate money making part later on (I hope).

Life is learning and learning is best done in a spiral upwards

But I also truly enjoy helping people, maybe teaching, but in a different way.

What a perfect way we have found here in WA, you teach and learn simultaneously, share and connect all the time. You walk up your own spiral life path and often get back to the same questions and problems but with solutions from a higher point of personal development.
WA has changed my way of teaching in class. I provide badges of accomplishments, make them connect with each other, I offer a wide range of technical challenges to be tackled and difficult or easy repertoire at any time. We can always grow on any musical piece or challenge. Of course, there is this ideal way of the steps, but I mix them up a little.Still have to find out the most effective way of doing so...

Onward and upwards, always

I hope you found some value in this post.
If you did, please let me know by liking it
and commenting below!

Thank you so much, fellow bloggers and life-lovers


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PPS: Can anybody tell me how to put headers in this blog???
The H1-H3 buttons don't work, why???


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TonyJS Premium
Great post Jana,

If you play the flute as well as you write then you are very talented and passionate indeed!!

Sometimes students just need that one thing to click into place for them to get it.
And these days people have such short attention spans it makes it even more difficult.

Are you writing your blogs on a phone or laptop?
If it’s a laptop CordeliaN has you covered, if it’s a phone- good luck!!

All the best
JanieTH Premium
Thanks Tony,

I think I do everything the same way, all in, all energy, all passion, all comunication and images. I always hope people can relate. It is not easy and might come accross arrogant some time.

Writing from a laptop but also the H3 doesn't do the trick.
Yesterday non of the H buttons worked.

I was a little afraid about posting this blog, my thoughts where confused and not coming from a serene place. But thanks to you and the other comments, I know I can share everything that is genuine.
Love this tribe,
TonyJS Premium
This tribe is awesome, as are you!
I hope you resolve you H3 problem soon!!

JanieTH Premium
CordeliaN Premium
What a wonderful and beautiful post...
when I was growing up I danced, I just knew how to dance, I was passionate and I was (so I’m told) very good at it. I seemed to profoundly understand rhythm from a young age, i was also very bendy, I was a good ballet dancer but an even better jazz dancer, I went on to use this skill. like you said, with the gift we seemed to be born with..

And then I didn’t,

I still loved dance, but no matter how gifted I still had to train and work at my passion and I just didn’t put in the effort, boys and earning money seemed more interesting, so slowly and then progressively quickly I lost the gift.

Reading your post reminded me of me many many years ago, I love your eloquent and skilful way you have of creating the visual picture so real it’s in front of you, within reach, it is a rare and wonderful commodity.

Bless you Janie

PS H3 click on the place you want to place the heading, click on H3 and then type, hopefully it will be bigger....👍
JanieTH Premium
I love your story, it is so true and I think there are many of us. We all have this something we just seem to know how to do it.

And you never loose that, it can transfer to all the other things in you life. You will have more rythm and flexibility, more grace, and a profound understanding than the average person.
I'm very grateful to share these thoughts with you. I was a little afraid, it is not an easy post and could seem arrogant.

But you understood all up to the heart of it!

Thank you also for complimenting my way of writing. It is more or less like I play music, I can't do it any other way. (a limit too) I need to create a picture to describe spontaneously. I hope that others can relate and wish to enter the immaginary bubble.

Thanks for the header help, I tried but don't know why it didn't work...
CordeliaN Premium
Thank you for the comment on my comment, you deserved every word of it , but thankyou for taking the time to share your appreciation. Just continue to write and blog the way you are doing, your uniqueness (our uniqueness) is why someone will choose your/our blog, you tube, support over others. 💕
JanieTH Premium
Will do!! At the very least, in this way, the connection is real and interesting, eventhough with less people.
EHR Premium
Let me see if this works. When I was at English language camps, in Poland, my students could not pronounce the TH sound. Threw, throw and the like. One day I asked a student "where is your tongue"?
English speakers put their tongue behind our teeth. Polish speakers put the point of their tongue on the roof of their mouth. By that slight adjustment she was able to get the TH sound. As I know nothing about flute playing, is there some small adjustment your students need? Just a thought. Gene
JanieTH Premium
This is excellent advice, thank you so much! I will think of some small adjustments that could help them to improve a lot.
I'm often thinking too much about the whole and not so much about the details. This is evidently where the devil is!
EHR Premium
Glad I was able to contribute. Gene
JanieTH Premium
Thank you, Gene! You always do!!!
CStauber Premium
Another great post. We all have different talents, different abilities to catch on to something or to see the melody in our minds. You have a wonderful God-given talent and you are using it to bring joy into others lives. I was never in an orchestra but was a part of a very good high school band in the brass section, so I know somewhat of what you are talking about in that your music is a part of you. It does become a part of you when you give your whole being to the art form. I still love music. I no longer have "the lip" or the lung power to play, but I do sing now. So I do have words now that can express what I feel. You have a lovely way also of penning your feelings onto paper, not something everyone can do. You are extremely talented. Take a deep breath and don't worry. Your students are probably getting more than you realize.

JanieTH Premium
I can't thank you enough for this beautiful comment and share of your music life.
I felt weird and lost today. You made me realize that expressing it and being understood is a gift, too.

Maybe you are right, and in my very own personal way, these students learn something valuable. I hope.

I will breathe, and play!

Singing is wonderful, especially in a choir.
When you feel part of something beautiful and have your voice or part in a choir or orchestra, it is magical!
Fleeky Premium Plus
As a little baby, mother set me outside...
amongst the singing birds

I whisled
Before speaking

And my grandpa just loved it!

Did you make the video?
It is awesome

PS 2
Only header H3 works
JanieTH Premium
Thank you, yes we made the video together!! I wrote the medley of famous italian melodies, we recorded it and then went to a film director with our ideas...he loved it and did the rest!
Soon we are doing one on Spain!
Music is ready, and location too. Just need to record and film!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Go girl you go!

How can you teach a bird to sing?
JanieTH Premium
I love your poetic touch!!