Coffee - unnecessary ?

Last Update: January 23, 2020

I have been accepted into my favorite coffee affiliate program on CJ.

See, living in Italy, I am used to drinking the small explosive drop, anytime during the day.

But I am also used to quality. The best coffee ever, in bars, at home, is Illy. It is more expensive, but without the high amount of pesticides and chemicals, all the other coffees come with.

So this is my every day coffee, and I am so delighted that on my musician website, where we all need coffee, I have been accepted to this program.

But this is not my idea. It came from a dear friend, who reaching out had a brilliant idea to lead traffic to my site through Pinterest.

On Pinterest food and beverages are very popular and they could easily match musicians needs.

So, thank you, eternally, Micheal, you know you have inspired this!

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Johnpavich Premium
What a great idea !
Do u know that the ceo of starbucks got his idea of good coffee from italy ?
Yes he visited italy years ago and went to many coffee shops and watched how they made the cappuccinos, expresso, americanos, etc
Now mabe they have changed their methods but back then he noticed they never timed the shot of coffee when it was being brewed.
The baristas would just look at the darkness of the shot too light no good too dark no good .
So, the ceo of starbucks which didn't even have a name back then , like 30 + years ago decided to time the shots and found a good shot was between 18 and 24 seconds .
Now it all depends on the grind of the coffee and how hard you press the shot down before brewing it.
So the next time you go to starbucks you will see them press a timer right after they start to brew your coffee.
A friend of mine use to teach starbucks baristas how to make good coffee, it takes awhile to get it right.
Also way back I think before you were born ha ha i had a friend in Seattle washington about a 21/2 hour car ride south from Vancouver Canada.
One morning we were walking down the street and I saw a long line of people outside a store, i wondered what was going on at 10am in the morning, my friend said it's Starbucks , what's Starbuck's? My friend said a coffee shop, it's really good coffee and they have 3 more in Seattle and they have been open a few years! It was good coffee so good that when I got back home I talked an Italian friend of mine to go down to Seattle with me and check out Starbucks cause there were none in Vancouver.
My friend had about $850,000.00 to invest he didn't take my advice instead invested in a real estate company which turned out to be a total disaster, he lost about $300,000.00 .
He told me the italians in the vancouver area I suggested would eat him alive and that I was crazy !

There are now 2 Starbucks in that are and they are doing quite well ha ha .
I have to check out that coffee deal from CJ 😎👌🌷♥️
Have a great day magic flute !
cb59 Premium
Hi Janie,
Thanks Janie, you have hit this ball out of the park! I love coffee which can be used as another way to activate your energy to keep going the finish line. Great and inspiring post! I will take my time to praise your interesting piece of work at best. This has been well-documented and artistically inspired. In fact, I become totally fascinated by your success.

Cheerfully yours!
JanieTH Premium
Thank you from my heart! I can't wait to see you succeed and celebrate
Krissy20 Premium Plus
Coffee is life... well done on finding ways to expand your niche!
JanieTH Premium
Thank you so much!!!
Lovey2 Premium
way to cross-reference products!Lived in Panama for a bit and once true coffee passes your lips there is no going back
JanieTH Premium
So true!!! My friend, I can't even begin to imagine what you will have tasted in Panama, it must be so wonderful
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Ooh! This sounds fun, Janie!! That's something I would have never thought of for your website!! Isn't it great - all the ideas we get from our WAmily!? We need to be proactive and jump into all these opportunities!!

Drink on, my sister!
JanieTH Premium
This community is awesome, no doubt!!! The opportunities that our friends find for us are priceless