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May 16, 2020
One year at a time!Janie is out of the bottle...still confused, but working on it.My website has 41 articles, most of them ranking on Google. I struggle with creating an email list and finding the right affiliate programs. Amazon let me go. So currently I am applying to anything musical.What I am looking for are quality flutes, tuners, metronomes, music stands, stand lights, magnets, piccolo flutes and ear plugs. Because the only working link on my website is to my own YouTube channel, not much
February 12, 2020
Beauty is how you look at things. It is in your eyes. It is all in your eyes, in our eyes!But there are basics that you can apply to make your website more beautiful. Beauty appeals to people. So if you could attract them with your beautiful website to dive in your content with a good UX, otherwise known as User Experience, that would create a true client.We can add this additional value of a beautiful looking website. I am inspired by the last lesson I learned from Jay, also known as Magi stud
February 08, 2020
71 blog posts, and feel like a rookie!! It is possible in this wonderful Wamily. I feel old and newborn at the same time. I know many things, but then actually thinking about it, I know nothing.Kind of the Hamlet question. But then there is you, this awesome community to lift me up and help me get going, never regarding age or experience. Just the willingness to share and learn.Where on earth could you find a community this supportive? It is not just words.I miss you when I can't get to my com
February 06, 2020
Many of us have chosen multiple streams of traffic income all at once. Starting from zero.This is a no go for any beginner, as it only leads to frustration and burn out sensations.The multiple traffic source businesses we see, have not been built overnight. And certainly not random posting on various social media platforms.I am speaking to myself, most of all. And also some friends. Very close ones. First thing we need to do is create a product. A wonderful awesome beautiful product. That we ou
Shape the pearls of your published posts into a professional looking website.It is possible!I did it, and I am a random artist, without no clue!!! Most of my friends have a much more analytical mind and would have achieved it sooner.But I just wrote for the fun of writing, published for the fun of sharing. Now I learned, there is a science to it. I was about to call it an art. But that wouldn't be exact.Managing a website is not an art, but science. It is subject to the law of copy writing and
February 03, 2020
A Bucket List on WA??No, it is not that!!!Do not worry at all. It is something very useful and helpful. I am talking about a feature inside Website Content.Especially if you have more websites. Most of us do! We have our very own niche, that we protect more or less jealously. But we also have our boot camp result website. Whatever that is for most of us!WA and Jaaxy reviews, trying to refer complete strangers to WA. Well, for some it works wonderfully. It is definitely fun!But the feature I wan
February 02, 2020
Hi there, my friends!After catching a terrible cold and being chained to the bed, I am finally back!! It took a little help from my friends and a lot of tissues...But here I come again! Also, because, next weekend I will play Tosca in Perugia. So I need to get my act together. Getting back in shape, also brought a lot of ideas for new articles to improve my website. Thanks also to many suggestions from the WA crowd. This little time off also taught me, that it is OK to not be in the top 25 on W
I have always been straight forward and honest to you all. And I never disguised my insecurities.The reward of that has been so many of you great folks reach out to me, in every possible way. Offering help, Follow advice, friendship and expertise.I will not give names here. But I feel that I have to thank one person particularly. He reached out, knowing his expert knowledge was exactly what I needed. He offered his time, knowledge, affection and help and for the first time in life, I felt like
January 23, 2020
I have been accepted into my favorite coffee affiliate program on CJ. See, living in Italy, I am used to drinking the small explosive drop, anytime during the day.But I am also used to quality. The best coffee ever, in bars, at home, is Illy. It is more expensive, but without the high amount of pesticides and chemicals, all the other coffees come with.So this is my every day coffee, and I am so delighted that on my musician website, where we all need coffee, I have been accepted to this program
What has happened to motivation and discipline?Motivation comes and goes.Discipline is already much better, but doesn't lead necessarily to quality work.So how to do what needs to be done?Create for it to be the way of least resistance. How would you ever do that? You need to change your environment. That is all.Create your environment in a way that the thing that needs to be done is the one with least resistance. That's the time we fully dedicate ourselves to our task.You like to play video ga