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July 12, 2019
Tropical storm Barry bearing down on Louisiana, As wind from tropical storm Barry beat down on Louisiana, as this is the second storm of the season is to hit Louisiana with up to 18 inches of rain, this is some this to look for,The storm fixing itself close to Louisiana, this could cause dangerous amount of rain for the next couple of days, up to three feet, this could cause storm surge, if the water rise, Winds are picking up along the coast of Louisiana with heavy rain expected overnight, Bar
July 08, 2019
Am so disappointed ☹️ I started crying because of what I discovered this evening I know that am only here at wealthy affiliate little less then 6 months, but my first 5 post was indexed my google ok I was over the moon with joy, so it was sweet so I stay up late sometimes 3am am still laying on my back trying to work on my site I was super excited happy as I can be In that same week my dad passed so I don’t do much here for awhile,to cut this story So am back writing ✍
Can I use the Domain name I have here on Shopify Or do I have to buy a next one ? Please and thanks Janet
July 07, 2019
My How townDeltona my hometown living in this world is not always easy especially what is going in this world today, this generation where they are ready to take out phones to watch one fight the other to death so they will have it to send around the world, In a world today where people love to do bad and enjoy it, more than doing good, where respect is gone out the door in a world like this where an 89-100 years old woman is afraid to walk because of what might happen raping robbing and you na
July 04, 2019
Well this morning I get my new badge and boy am happy, see my journey wasn't an easy one but I have so many people to give thanks for this, just want to say a big thank you to the beautiful community, you are a family that stay together all the help is real the love is real you guys behind the scene that keep this community to be as great as it is today, just what to say a big thank you to benjis dad. I was on YouTube one day and I come across him saying in one of his blog that it was p
July 03, 2019
LOVE SICKduring the first month of a relationship, the chemicals in our brains that gets triggered include the Neurotransmitters Phenethylomine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and oxytocin dubbed the love hormone, oxytocin is a strong pleasure and satisfaction Neurotransmitter that helps two people bond. But while they can make us blissful, they can also result in loss of appetite, inability to concentrate and falling asleep" (everyday some, being love sick moves beyond feeling bette
June 30, 2019
<meta> tag not found before <body>: make sure you place the verification tag with the correct verification key (4A5184B2A45BF36B58A8AA96C2AF5278) in the <head> section and before the <body> tag in your page. this is me in front of the computer and i don't see what am not doing righthelp me pleasethanks i am follewing Kaly like wow but am stuck oh am trying to set up Bing webmaster tools
June 30, 2019
As we embrace this beautiful morning and giving thanks for what we have, and for life of our family and friends share. Don’t forget to give God thanks for waking us, let’s not forget to give thanks for our life’s, and friends and family, time is too precious To waste so let’s not take things for granted, and even the surrounding people.Let’s take time to reflect on our love ones who is now longer here with us, and as we remember them we also need to look a
June 22, 2019
Fighting depressionDepression, a serious medical illness that negatively affects the way you think, how you act and how you feel. Depression decrease one's ability to function at home or at work, it causes a lost of interest in once enjoyed activities and also gives a feeling of constant sadness, fortunately this is treatable.SymptomsSymptoms of depression can range from thoughts of death or suicide to trouble sleeping or sleeping too much and having a hard time thinking, concentrating or makin
How to do shopify ? i know that wa do it so can someone tell me how i can do itas am still in training and i would like to keep paying for my premium and so onso can can someone help me please thanksjanet