You Don’t Have To Be An Expert Or A Teacher To Teach!

Last Update: May 30, 2020

This is for Affiliate Marketing Beginners...

As Affiliate Marketers, we are in the business of helping people make informed decisions before buying products in our niches.

More often than not you will find yourself having to teach your target audience about how your product works, the benefits, etc.

For some physical products you will go to the extent of showing how to take care (clean and store) a certain product e.g. lawn mowers.

Regardless of what niche you are in, you’re going to have to teach your audience something about your products.

If you’re new to this business, this may sound scary but it really isn’t that hard. That is why you have to choose a niche carefully.

Go for something that you can easily ‘teach’ people about, without necessarily being a guru in that field.

You just have to make good research on the products and write interesting content that keeps your audience engaged.

But most importantly, educated enough to not want to leave your website and go look somewhere else.

Provide sufficient but useful information in an engaging manner and you can be successful with affiliate marketing, even though you are no expert.


  • Choose a niche you’re familiar with.
  • Do research your products well
  • Provide useful, interesting information.
  • Aim to address all possible questions that an average person would like to know before buying the product.
  • Be confident
  • Always try to learn new things
  • Apply the techniques you’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate training.


You can do it!


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dotundami Premium
Thanks for this.
Up until now, I've been discouraged because I felt I couldn't contribute enough to my niche ( not being index my Google certainly made me feel even worse ). But now, I've summed up the courage to go back there and do all the research I can to become relevant.
Thanks and may you receive quick healing by God's grace.
AlexEvans Premium
Confession time, it's a crazy man thing, get it out of the box and use it, ah manuals, what!

Most guys don't read manuals.

When it comes to collecting info and reviews most guys are all over it.

Some really good advice there, Jane. If folks get enough info they will stay and are more likely to purchase.

We don't have to be experts, just have enough relevant information.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Perfectly put Alex!
JaneMahlehle Premium
I never ever read manuals 🙈😂
Wdcope Premium
Jane you are very correct in the views noted here in your post. Too many times people choose a niche they know little about and the viewer can see this right away, and leave before taking action.

Having the right niche helps in having regular content that draws the traffic.
Good post.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks Bill
Cheenzie Premium
Awesome post girl:)
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks my friend
Babou3 Premium
These are very useful tips for newcomers to the field. Affiliation is an activity that can take time and devotion, but it is really well rewarded.

JaneMahlehle Premium
You’re right Ingrid, thanks.