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A few weeks back I was inspired by a blog post by one of our very own members here at Wealthy Affiliate, Erin. She made an excellent point on the importance of working with the determinations of an athlete.Read it hereSo today I woke up feeling motivated after seeing a few sports headlines. Made me realize that we are faced with lots of things/ events from which we could actually learn valuable lessons. Just a few of the recent events:1. Michel Sweeney makes an amazing recovery from almost fall
Hello there lovely WA family,I thought I should share the good news. My website has been indexed in Google. I am very happy about these wonderful news. Getting more and more motivated!
Hello WA family,October 1st, new month, new day and I felt highly motivated and brave enough to press that red "Go yearly & Save" button! Why did I do it?I must save money, because I havent started making money online yet, but I know I will. Meantime I am using my savings to pay the monthly $49> so today I thought, why not save.I have had the thought for some time but I kept telling myself that perhaps if I go yearly I will kinda chill and forget that Im actually paying to be here. I th
September 12, 2018
Greetings, lovely WA family,I have this serious issue and I need advice/help...How can I manage my time? Since I joined this great community, I often feel quilty when I spend some time without doing any WA related tasks. I have a small business (shop) that I have been running for 5 years now. I spend most of my days at the shop, with my laptop. I find myself focusing my time on WA work, but I have something else I should be doing.It is not a "Shiny object" kind of situation. Before joining WA
Hello WA family,Last night I was notified that 4 of my article have been indexed by Google! What I know for sureThis is good newsI must work even harder to produce high quality contentWhat I dont knowYes, I understand that I need to continoiusly work on improving my content, but what about the rest of the aticles, will they still be indexed?Why dont I see any data on site rank?
Oh how I used to freak writing tasks! It would take me 7 days per post, and during that time I'm not doing anything else, I pause all learning and focus all my energy on producing my "masterpiece". Endless, unnecessary editing, scraping, starting again, running out of words. What a nightmare!!Through the pain and suffering I would do all the writing tasks, never skipping any. I would rather spend a month on a single post than leave any task undone. That paid off because now I can write 1.5 po
So, today I wake up with a runny nose and a sore throat. My body is paining. But I decided I wasnt gonna give in to little things like a flu bug! Im on my laptop trying to do some work. I have done very little today and honestly, Im not taking it anymore, Im going to have a little lie down and drink something hot.It sucks. But my body needs a rest. Hope it clears soon...
June 29, 2018
My very first post! Today, I decided to write my first post after many days of fearing that I'm not ready yet. Since I joined WA, I have always told myself that I need to take some time before I start writing. I believed that those who post a lot had been at WA for ages and so they knew what they were doing."I'm not good enough, I'm clueless, I must learn first then I will be good to write", but then, I realized that writing is just like body muscles, use it or lose it! I discovered this while