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Hey Lovey WA FamilyToday is one of those days when the day began well aand then...Been working hard lately trying to keep up with my SAC Goals. I began my post for today with lots of enthusiasm and all my creative juices were flowing well. After typing a little over 600 words I got stuck! I cant do this today, my mind has jammed.I feel terrible :(BUT THENI checked my profile and there are 1000 members following me!Thank you very much for making me part of your journey to success!I may be beaten
When I was in my 30s I used to feel so oooold! I never liked to say my age, but when I turned 40 I felt like so bold and confident about my age. So much that I even volunteer to tell my age without being asked. I guess Im wiser now!Here is are some sweet treats for my Lovely WA FamilyEnjoy...I love you allJ.
Hello WA Family,I hope everyone is doing well,And I mean really well.We are all here because of one reason - we all want to build sustainable business and attain success.That means we need to invest an aweful lot of time doing this and that. Great, no problem. You cannot achieve success by sitting around, right? oh wait! what?I don’t know about you but I tend to sit more while working. This in itself is unhealthy. I do try standing up and stretching every now and then. Bottom line, ther
The news raised my concern and curiosity...I am not currently promoting any Amazon products, therefore, I don't have much knowledge on how things work but I know a lot of people in our WA community are. I saw on the news that the issue of fake 5-star reviews is continuing and getting worse, according to new research. ( BBC News, The Guardian). Most affected products include Headphones, Smartphones, Fitness Tracters etc. All from less known brands.*This is actually not only on Amazon, other onli
Hello my Wa-nderful family,What an HonorSo, a good friend of mine has been following my WA journey and progress has trusted me to work on thier Tourism Company Website!This is not a major-major gig, but I am happy to have gotten it. It shows that I'm doing something and people around me are beginning to take notice.What will I be doing?I will be helping him with the General design,content update and SEO. Apprently, since I shared my website URL with him when I began at here WA , he has been w
Hey FamilyWe have just been decorated with a brand new Top 200 Bage, woohoo! I was busy minding my business and then boom, a banner gets flashed in my face. It feels sweet.I dedicate this one to my lovely WA Family.Thank you!
Excitement, Elation, Awe... Hey family,I made the it through to the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge!I am super excited. Its a huge honor to be get this opportunity. 9 Months InWhen I joined this wonderful community 9 months ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. With very little online experience I thought to myself, there you go again Jane. Good luck with this one. I was super skeptical. But I silenced that little voice by immediately going premium. To commit myself and see what c
Just want to share with my lovely WA Family my little achievements with Pinterest.I must confess, I am not all that when it comes to Pinterest steps.I have what I would like to call a basic Pinterest Business Account. Started off as my personal account and late last year I added my business details.Average Monthly ViewsMarch 5th ==> 16,354March 10th ==> 21,581I know these may not look like big numbers but to me its an achievement because thats the first major increase in
So, today I published my brand new post I was working on from SiteContent (Its always a great feeling to click on the 'Publish"button.I then try to edit my post in WordPress only to get an error message.What?I tried what I believed to be everything, including rebooting my laptop. Didnt help. I contaced support. Was told to Re-login into WP. Did that, no use!Frustration sets in. I get back to support. They responded very quickly with the screenshot showing me that they were able to access my pos
January 24, 2019
"Everything Online Is A SCAM. Stop wasting your time with your online what what, They are all scams". I have heard this and continue to hear it too often from people I consider family. Its ok I am not going to hold it against them. Its their view. Unfortunately, a very ignorant view!I am not even fazed by those words. Yes, its been 7 months and so far I have not made any money, but I know I WILL because Im working towards achieving that goal on a daily basis. Each time I hear negativity, I ge