Dealing With Abusive Organic Comments (Got My First Dose Today!)

Last Update: August 29, 2019

How Do You Deal With Negative And / Abusive Comments?

Getting organic comments on our websites is always a welcome and exciting thing. It means your content is getting the exposure it needs, which is ultimately good for your business.

But not all comments are positive.

Some are negatives and others downright abusive.


Today was my "lucky" day. I have had this product review on page 1 on SERPs for quite some time now. It is basically an expensive "Affiliate Marketing" Training Program which promises to hand you over a 90 % Done For You Marketing Funnel. You simply copy what the owners are doing, pay Facebook Ads and you are good to go.

I did a thorough research and uncovered that they have an intricate Affiliate Program. Even got a video of one of the owners explaining how thier affiliate program works. ( Unfortunately the video was removed from Vimeo for some reason...)

Today I get email to moderate on my website. I jumped and boy, what a nasty comment! I must admit it upset me a lot. Probably because it was my first experience..

Anyway, I pondered what to do with this comment, I could have easily just deleted and moved on. But I decided to wait a bit and be calm, then I responded.

I am not sure if I responded well enough...

I tried to take the polite approach. Dont know if I succeeded. And I felt that it wasn't ok to delete the comment. I needed to respond. Did I?

Have you ever dealt with nasty comments? What's your approach?

Please share...

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DwainL1 Premium
Don't worry about negative comments welcome them they only give your site energy its all good.
i heard of a Affiliate Marketer did a Review on some head phones its started a heated debate till this day the berate is going on and he said he sold the most head phones. Any reaction is a good reaction.
all the best
JaneMahlehle Premium
Wow! That’s something else hey? Thanks Dwain
bpais1 Premium
Hi Jane,

Negative comments - if they are easily refutable - are great to respond to if you have a convincing argument against them.

But, I would have changed the curse words to something less impacting before I approved the comment for my website.

Also, if the comment is totally nothing more than a vicious and profanity-laced tirade against you and your product review, I would simply just trash it and move on. It's not worth your time and it definitely is not good for your website.

I've gotten my share of them - and, this is how I've been handling it.

JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks Jim.
I believe I can still go and edit the swear words
RDulloo Premium
Don't worry about it Jane, because I think you answered very well. I couldn't have done better.

I've had negative comments as well on my reviews and most of them are from members of those programs I reviewed. They tell us we don't know anything about the program or about affiliate marketing and if we're not advertising our earnings, then it means we're not making money.

It looks like this person had a completely WRONG interpretration of your review and that will happen from time to time and we need to sometimes re-iterate or rephrase what we were trying to explain so they get the point.

We need to educate and share our knowledge, which is what you did here. I applaud you!

I wouldn't delete the comment if I were you because it shows your readers that you're not trying to run away and that you STAND BY what you write in your review. And it also shows that you're professional no matter the situation.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Hey Reyhana
Thank you very much!
I am not going to delete that comment. Yeah, I'm growing. I appreciate your comment.
Spaced Premium
I will call you when I need to politely tell someone off lol. No seriously, amazing response, you put the guy in his place.

How do I deal with nasty comments? Well, our niches are different, but generally I remind haters that my blog reflects my opinions, their blogs reflect theirs. And if they do not have a blog themselves, I suggest that they start one to vent out their frustrations.

In any case, again great answer!
JaneMahlehle Premium
hey Andrew,
You just made me laugh! Thanks for that. LOL.
I hope you tell them to start their blogs @ WA because its the best!
Specialk3749 Premium
Wow! Your response was great! You sounded so much more intelligent. You didn't stoop to his level of "calling names" etc. Sometimes it may be best to delete these kind of comments, and I am not experienced enough to tell you when that should be done, but I really liked your response..
sofus Premium
Totally agree with your words about respons. But I do delete ;-)
JaneMahlehle Premium
Hey Karen,
Thanks. I must admit It spoiled my day, almost deleted. I agree, some of them just need to be erased.