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August 20, 2017
So.... I got banned from blogging for a few days. I guess I did something wrong with my links in my blog. So make sure to read all the rules before linking outside WA. Well over the last several days I've been pushing my WA link pretty hard, and its paying off. I know it may not sound like much to some of y'all but I got my first premium sale the other day. my stats for the 10 days is 114 raw clicks and 83 unique clicks with 3 referrals and one going premium. I've mainly been focusing on Facebo
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August 11, 2017
Well I've never had a blog nor been good at grammar so I will try not to butcher this to much and write a little each daymy adventure started a little over a year ago now. I was married had 2 kids and worked in the oilfield making 70k to 90k a year. I will shorten this part down a bit. I came home one day after working a extra long hitch to find out my wife was having an affaire. so we went our separate ways. I left the oilfield and got a regular job at a factory making only a fraction of what
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