Super Affiliate Challenge Progress Report

Last Update: May 15, 2019

Hello Everyone

Well this is my first progress report for the Super Affiliate Challenge, So here goes, YAY

I will start off by saying that I am a Super Affiliate, although in the making, I am declaring it NOW.

I feel amazing, truly amazing and know that this is the right path for me. Becasue I am enjoying every minute of it.

Trust your journey because everything happens for a reason. I would go as far to say that you reading this right now is no coincident, there is a reason for it, you may not know the whole reason yet but it will become clear as you go along your journey.

Right let's get to my progress this month.

Super Affiliate Challenge Month 1

From the 10th April to 20th Mayt 2019

I created a Brand New Website for this challenge because I wanted to start off on the right foot. But later changed plans a little, I will get into that a little more later.

Money Making Niche

When I chose my money making niche this time round I thought about what I would like know and what kind of questions that I would want to know the answers to.

That was easy because I had already asked these questions and got my anwers.

My main focus is on lifestyle and working from anywhere so this is my main focus for my niche.

It sounds general but when you start to dig deep, there is a lot to cover. YAY.

Writing Posts

Did my keyword research for my niche and got loads to write about.

My main challenge was deciding what my approach was going to be in writing my posts. now this took some time.

I already have my own style of writing which is mine and I like it but what I mean by approach is how am I going to communicate with my readers.

I chose to start by describing the kind of person that would want to visit my niche. I then thought about what they liked, and how they would like to live, what kind of questions they would like answered and solutions that they would want.

Then I made them my friend that I would write my future blog posts to.

Transferring Content from One Website to Another Website

I also decided to merge both of my money making websites, because they were similar and meet the same need.

The only thing was that my first website was a site rubix website and the was my own domain that I created for the super affiliate challenge.

I was not sure how I could do this so I asked the community here at Wealthy Affiliate and I got an abundance of help.

Trish gave a link to her training on how I could transfer my content from one website to another and have all my comments still intacted.

Thank you Trish for this brilliant training.

I have included her link below.

Move Post or Page from One Website to Another

Getting Help fron the Help Centre Here at Wealthy Affiliate

I had also contacted the help centre for help in getting my content transferred and they offered to do the transfer for me.

I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so I said YES.

This was done in a matter of minutes by the help centre and I know if I were to do it myself it was have taken me the best part of a day. lol

So all I had to do was to update each piece of content and make sure that they had the correct links and BAM.. I was good to go.

Thank you Help Centre, you are the greatest.

So now I have one website that is ready to go. Moving forward with the SAC challenge. YAY.

Live Training with Jay

The live training with Jay on a Friday is so valuable because I am always learning new things.

The last two weeks of training was about :

User Experience

If you have not seen this, then I would recommend that you watch the replay. The information is priceless.

Hot Seat

Now this training for those that have not already seen it. Is Brave Wealthy Affiliate members putting there websites up for all to see and to get valuable advice from Jay on how they could improve it.

I would like to take this time to thank all of those that put their work on the line because it was so helpful to me and I learned so much in improving my own websites.

Written Content

I have written 12 posts this month and my word count for each post is from 1000 to just of 4,000 words.

Helping Out in Live Chat

I have helped out in live chat but not as much as suggested for the challenge. I hope to get better as the challenge moves forward.

Blog Post in WA

I have only written two blog post in WA, this one being the second.

Getting Involved in the WA Community

I love it here in the WA Community and will always say that this community is second to none.

I am always around helping out where I can and will continue to do so.

What Have I Learned this Month

I have learned that I can get a lot done when I focus and doing this challenge as helped me become more productive.

I have learned to ask more questions whenever I get stuck because someone here will have the answer. This as been proven to me time after time.

I have learned that I have got this. YAY.

How Many Articles I have On My Website Now

I have 39 articles on my website as of today, and more waiting in site content.

Installed My Email Marketing List Builder Plugin

I finally installed an email marketing list builder plugin. YAY.

Just got to learn how to use it productively. It is the free version as I am just getting started.

Excited about the next challenge in SAC starting on the 20th May 2019.

Well there you have it, my progress so far.

Thank you for reading I really appreciate it.

To all you others on this wonderful Super Affiliate Challenge. Congratulations we have almost completed our first month. YAY

As always show me some WA love by liking and leaving me a comment below.

Have a great Day


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CandP Premium
Love that superwoman! It’s you!
Congratulations 🎉🎈
C & P
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you C & P for your comment and support much appreciated.

YAY. I am a Super Woman affiliate. lol

Have a great day

Talk2Ray Premium
Congratulations on your progress so far Jennifer. You're already sounding like a "SUPER affiliate".
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Ray for your comment and support much appreciated.


Have a great day

Karin13 Premium
Hey Jennifer! I love that you are claiming your title as Super Affiliate now! We are what we think! It looks like you have been meeting most of the goals. I have a hard time fulfilling the live help part, too, but we do the best we can! :)

Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,
Karin 😁
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Karin for your comment and support I really appreciate it.

We can do our Best and we need to believe in ourselves before we can expect other to believe in us.

Have a great week and thanks again

jetrbby80316 Premium
Awesome Jennifer, YES you are dong it!!
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Kaju for your ongoing support much appreciated.

Have a great day
jetrbby80316 Premium
Keep going to higher heights!
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you much appreciated

You tooooooooo. lol

BorisRoman Premium
Congratulations on your achievements!

Keep it up!

To your tremendous success!

Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you so much Bob for your support I really appreciate it.

All the best you also.
Have a great day