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August 20, 2018
I love this quote because it reminds me of my Why?Why am I here at Wealthy Affiliate.Because I want to change my lifestyle for the better.Because I want to help othersBecause I know I can do it NOWI can change my lifestyle because I now have the tools to do it.I have created a website.... tickI have a few niches now..... tickI can write quality content ..... tickAll because I changed my routine. I did something different and joined Wealthy Affiliate.Not only that I TOOK ACTION by doing what wa
August 19, 2018
Believing in yourself is so important because if we do not believe we can do something, most definitely we can't.I will put it this way.Everything starts with a thought. My favourite is "I THINK THEREFORE I AM"Before you get out of bed in the morning it starts with a thought, it is as simple as that.This reminds of a true story I was told years ago. This was told to me by a friend about her aunt.There was this lady who was involved in a serious car accident and was in a coma. The doctors basi
Happiness is a wonderful place to be.To me being happy starts with me.I am happy being me and no one can take this from me.I am happy, I am wonderful, I am perfectly made. And because of this, I no longer need anyone to tell me this, because I already know it.I know what I like and I know what matters to me.I can now look in the mirror and smile at me, smile at where I have come in my journey.I write my own story and do not need an additional author to correct me.I thought that I would share th
One of the things that stop many of us from following our dreams are the people around us.You know that friend that always sees the bad in things, the doubting Thomas, and for some crazy reason we find ourselves always telling them what we are about to do.I know such a person, and as lovely as they are, they will always spoil the party by finding something wrong with it.I learned a few years ago, to keep my dreams to myself and only share with like minded people and since then my life as change
August 16, 2018
Getting out of your comfort zone can be a little scary at times.Doing something different, something you haven't done or tried before can be a little scary.But often than not when you just do and get to the other side, it is so rewarding and so exciting, that you wished you had done it earlier.I was doing so more training yesterday and was so excited to learn more ideas on writing content, how to find popular topics and questions that need solutions.I then realised that I am going to have to st
Why I think Wealthy Affiliate training is brilliant.I have been working on my website for nearly a month now and have achieved more now than I ever have.My confidence is growing by the minute with every new content I produce. I realize that I am not perfect and so I am work in progress just my much of my content and websites.This Last week I have been learning more about content and how to leverage them.Content Is My BusinessKeeping it simple and writing about what I like and know is the way t
First I want to say Thank you to Wealthy Affiliate for giving me the tools and information to do this.Thank you, Kyle and thank you to all of you in the wonderful, caring, helpful community.I feel like I am at the Grammy s or something.I am ranked number one on the first page in Google. AGAIN.Two within 24 hours, not just indexed but ranked number ONE on the first page for each if my two Articles.I thought I would try the low hanging fruit technique again and it worked AGAIN.I had the product
I have just found out that an article that I wrote yesterday is indexed in google.I was excited about that. Then I read on and see that I am RANKED in Google.I excitement as just grown ten fold. I then Go over to JAAXY to see how far down the pecking line my article was showing up in.NUMBER ONE IN GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE.YES....... YES that's right.... NUMBER ONE in Google YAY.So I just had to share my Amazing news.Please like and share.Jennifer
Hi Everyone,Yay! I Ranked Number THREE in Google.Yesterday I thought i would try out the JAAXY site rank tool.Well firstly it is really easy to use. I am a plug and play girl and really have no patience for anything too technical. So this was lovely to find out that it was easy to use.I really don't know why it took me so long to use it.I put in my articles one by one and thought oh well one day I will write an article that will rank first page.Then I put in the last article in to be searched
July 25, 2018
Now I get it. In the last few days I have been planning how I am going to approach my online Businesses.First of all I am really good at writing down a good plan. I could write plans all day long.The challenge comes when I need to take action. That's when I start getting busy doing everything but what is on my plan.TwitterTwitter is a really good plateform for getting yourself our there and I am learning from WA how to do this more effectively.But ..... I find myself getting caught up in the a