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Hello All.Today's quote got me thinking so i thought I would share it to get you thinking.Change you thinking and change your life.One of the things that stop people from moving forward or trying something new is the thought of "Oh the last time I did that, this happened so I not doing that again"or"I remember when Joe did that, and look what happened to him"Can you imagine all the missed opportunities because of the simple thought.It is almost disabling, keeping you stuck.I will keep it short
September 15, 2018
Sometimes we can put ourselves under pressure because we compare ourselves to the next person.Like mothers comparing their children and feeling that their child is somehow backwards or learning challenged because the're not walking when their think their should be or not talking in full sentences, or not saying the ABC's or whatever.Children progress at different rates, and have different talents for example if a child is curious their may walk faster because their want to find out what certai
September 13, 2018
What is a keyword search tool? To me a keyword search tool is Jaaxy pure and simple.Why? Because it has helped me get many of my content indexed and ranked page one in Google effortlessly. My Wealthy Affiliate Training To Top 200It is nice and easy to use just how I like it.Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool out there at the moment and I can say this because it offers a lot more than just the amazing keyword search tool and I got it free when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, which I think is
Today when I logged in I realised that all the hard work I had committed to doing here at Wealthy Affiliate paid off.I am in the top 200 It was not easy for me and took focus a lot of focus. Because it was one of many goals I have here. So time management was key and still is.Now I sit here and think I have to maintain this. WOW it is all good.I am learning a lot about myself.One thing that sticks out is that knowing you can do something and thinking you can do something are very different. I
I am from the school of thought that you treat people like you would like to be treated.This is one of the things that I love aboutWealthy Affiliate. I keep saying it and will keep saying because it is true.The Community here at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none.Out of the hundreds of people I have communicated with here I have only come across one person that stood out because they were, should I say unhappy with themselves.I say this to be kind, actually they were a pain in the you know wh
September 04, 2018
Hi AllI have just completed level 5 certificate training. This one took a little longer than I expected but I did it. YAY.I am learning so much feel like a Pro now. lol.I have now done all my webmaster tool set up now.Made my content plan for the next 6 months so like the song says "THE ONLY WAY IS UP"Anyway got lots more to learn but just wanted to make this a recorded milestone.I would also like to say that being here at Wealthy Affiliate is truly changed my life for the better and I am doin
August 30, 2018
Motivational Quote of the Day.Our dreams are our dreams but if we just keep dreaming and never do anything about them, then they are nothing more than just a dream.If we are really passionate about our dreams and take action and do a little towards them everyday then eventually we will see our dreams manifest into our reality.Now this takes courage and being consistent and persistent everyday doing a little.This is one of the reasons why I joined Wealthy Affiliate, because I can do a little eac
When starting your new venture on Wealthy Affiliate it can become a little over whelming.All the excitement of all the possibilities as you look through the training and the community members are all so welcoming. Oh and all the information contained in all the blog posts.Sometimes if like myself you look around and think WOW. Is this real, can I compete with all this?Well let me tell you. YES YOU CAN.It is not a competition. It is your dreams and visions becoming real. Very real.Start with
Hi everyone,This is just a quick update on my websites.I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate from the beginning of July 2018 and now have 28 articles INDEXED in Google.I have been able to achieve this by following the step by step training here at Wealthy Affiliate and using the low hanging fruit technique. I am amazed at my progress this far. I have been working like a trooper but enjoying every minute. My aim is to create as much good quality content as I can by the end of the year. So tha
August 21, 2018
Nuff Said.This quote of the day speaks for itself. I will add that you can really test this out here at Wealthy Affiliate.I AM.Enjoy and let me know your thoughts on this. It will be much appreciated.