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Hello EveryoneWell this is my first progress report for the Super Affiliate Challenge, So here goes, YAYI will start off by saying that I am a Super Affiliate, although in the making, I am declaring it NOW.I feel amazing, truly amazing and know that this is the right path for me. Becasue I am enjoying every minute of it.Trust your journey because everything happens for a reason. I would go as far to say that you reading this right now is no coincident, there is a reason for it, you may not know
Earlier today I read a post by Tommo1968 and then found this bit of information that I thought I would share with the community."Google could unveil privacy tools that restrict the use of tracking cookies in its Chrome browser as soon as this week, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing anonymous sources. The new tools would give users more information about how they're tracked and allow options to limit cookies. The change likely signals a commitment to privacy, but also enhances Google's dom
Decide Where You Want To Go and Don't Stop Until You Get ThereHello AllWhen I saw this quote it got me thinking about my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate and how excited I was when I joined.I am still excited and find myself getting more excited the more I learn and the more I am able to build my business.I am really realising the meaning of Anything is Possible.I mean where else can you get all this.Being here at Wealthy Affiliate we have a support system like no other, I would go as far to s
Hello everyoneJust had to let you know that this is the quickest I have ever had an article indexed in google.Within 5 minutes..... YES ... 5 minutesWOWI used the URL inspection for an article I just published today and almost right before my eye it was indexed. WOW. I got an email telling me that I was indexed. YAY.I have used Google inspection before but for older un-indexed articles which are now indexed but this was by far the fastest ever.I was so excited I came right over to share this
A Community That Really CaresHere at Wealthy Affiliate I can truly say that this is a community that is second to none.I would go as far as to say that this is the most helpful community that I have come across.A Community that really cares.We are so fortunate to have one of, if not the largest base of aspiring and successful online entrepreneurs in the world.This is the best place to be to grow your online businessThere is a saying “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who yo
Give The World The Best You Have and The Best Will Come Back To You.I hear a lot of people saying that "I will try my best"I always reply back saying "If you do your best you will succeed"Mean that trying is not really doing it, it is nothing more than just seeing how it goes.This life that you have is not a dress rehearsal it is the real McCoy and you will never get today back because time waits for noone. (real talk).This is the time to do your best at whatever you choose to do.Get FocusedGe
Some May Succeed Because they Are Destined To, But Most Succeed Because they Are Determined To!Be determined to succeed RIGHT NOW!In this very moment....Put your best foot forwardGet Serious in your journey.Know that you got thisGet into your Determined mode and just do it.Whatever your dream is - start making it your realityYou are here because you want somethingYou are here because you want to make a change in your lifeYou may even be here because you are sick and tired of being sick and tire
Trust Your Journey. Everything Happens for a ReasonHello and welcome The above quote got me thinking. Trust in my journey. Since I came to Wealthy Affiliate. I know that this is the best space to achieve my lifestyle goals.Here's WhyBefore I joined Wealthy Affiliate I knew it was possible but I didn't know how it was possible.I would get laughed at and told to stick with my 'proper job' in criminal justice. But I wanted more ......Let Me ExplainAs far back as I could remember I knew that
I have found The Best Managed WordPress Hosting EVER! and just had to share it. YAY.Running a successful business online can become a costly affair if you do not keep your eye on the ball.A big part of that cost can be the hosting of your WordPress websites. At times you may start off with an offer that you are comfortable paying. But then as your needs increase so does the price.Another thing to think about is what type of services will be included in you're hosting package.I am not a techn
Best Website Builder for Beginners 2019Hello and WelcomeNow this information is really going to excite your if you have been looking for a website builder for beginners.You are in the right space to get started today.I am proud to say that I can speak from personal experience and share with you the most powerful websites in the world. Yes you heard right, I put it out there and this is why.A Website Platform You Can Grow WithHere at Wealthy Affiliate you will start to realise that this is no o