Amazon Affiliate Program Commission New Structure!

Last Update: May 02, 2017

Amazon affiliate program commission has a new structure so if you’re an Amazon affiliate – this is a must read!

I was searching through Amazon for a new project I’m creating and I wanted to double check to see what their commission rates were.

On finding the new commission rates on Amazons Associates Program Policies, I remember some time back, getting an email from Amazon saying they were in the process of ‘simplifying the fee structure’.

I didn’t take much notice of the email as I don’t have a huge amount of Amazon affiliate links out there, BUT, looking at how it’s changed, I’m pretty excited!

So here it is…

As at the end of February 2017 ** THIS WAS ** the structure for Amazon individual seller fees:

As of the 1st of March, 2017 the selling Amazon fees look like this and as you can see the commission rates have changed significantly:

The difference is that this is no longer a Volume Based advertising fee, so it’s not about the volume that you sell, it’s now just about the commission rate on each product category.

This will definitely affect the affiliates that have huge volumes of traffic going through their Amazon affiliate sites as it’s no longer about selling more, and in turn, making more – this is now about which category your website is in. That could be pretty scary stuff!


If you had a huge following with your website in the Video Games & Video Game Consoles niche and you sold 1,000 items per month before March 2017 – your previous commission would have been sitting at 8% - now that commission would be reduced to 1% no matter how many items you sold! Wow, that would get me pretty fired up, and not in a good way either.

Luckily I’m not in that position!

My current website is in the Tools section and I would only sell 7 – 30 items, and some months not even that. This meant that I fell into the 4 or 6% range, now I’ll get 5.5% whether I sell 1 item or 50 – it feels like a win for me.


The range that I’m looking at promoting now is in the Pets Products section so straight off I’ll be receiving 8% whether I sell 1 or 50 items – talk about the timing being perfect!

So …

Did you know about the Amazon affiliate program commission change?

Are you an Amazon affiliate, and if you are, how are you affected?

I hope you’re not affected too much and if you are – maybe it’s time to look at the categories that are paying out a higher percentage…

Who’s up for selling Luxury Beauty and Amazon Coins then?

Thanks for reading, go ahead and leave me a message below, I would love to hear from you about your Amazon affiliates story and whether this change has affected you or not!



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ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Hi Jacqueline, I am not too sure about the new Amazon commission rates.

I've been an affiliate of Amazon for quite some time. Not that it means anything, but these are my results for the past month, 1st to 30th April:

Category: Pet Products
Items ordered: 23
Items shipped: 18
Commission: 6.01%

Where is my 8% commission! Interesting, don't you think?

Would love to hear your comments. And, thank you for your post.

JacquelineS1 Premium
Wow THAT IS VERY interesting Valerie...

It will be interesting to see what happens when you get paid out whether the percentage gets rectified.

I would love to hear from you further as to what happens as my new project is promoting Pet Products through Amazon.

Hmmm... it's certainly food for thought.

Thanks for your comment here Valerie, cheers,

mickeyb123 Premium
I am not currently using Amazon, but I did years ago....

If I was there, now, I would be looking at 8.0% which is OK.

I promote downloadable items and usually get 60 to 85% commission, so I am happy where I am.

JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Mickeyb, yeah I've had my account with Amazon for over 6 years now and haven't done a lot with it but with my new niche it's going to fit perfectly.

Yeah I do like promoting downloadable items too especially for the higher commissions.

All the best, cheers,

ContentBySue Premium
Luckily, I can market to a few different categories and the higher percentage ones too...but my main niche is only at 5.50%. We'll see how this goes. I'm glad I'm signing up for other affiliate markets too. Thanks for the info, Jacqueline.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey Sue,

Yeah it always pays to have a few affiliate programs that you can turn to for different categories. I've used ShareASale in the past and getting about 8 to 10% but I'm happy with the 8% on Amazon.

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment Sue, cheers,

MKearns Premium
Thanks Jacqueline. this meshes well with my post tonight about the retail clothing industry!
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey Michael

That's great that it was helpful for you...


AndyVilla23 Premium
I Guess depending on your status is either a win or a lose
JacquelineS1 Premium
Yeah, you're absolutely right...