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Wow!, Patience Grasshopper.... is key! I just got notification one of my websites her at WA just ranked on Google. I am so excited. I am on my way to making money online. Those that want proof that it happens one step at a time, online lesson at a time. Patience Grasshopper is key! I finally stop looking for a quick results. I will continue with my lesson's one at a time; and continue until I get more and more results. Then the money will eventually come! Thank for cheerin
Hello WA Family, I have been struggling these past few weeks. I got hung up on what to name my website, where am I going to get my content, etc etc .. Thinking to far ahead. All this worrying for nothing. It's all in the training. Take them one step at a time. No Short Cuts... It will come back to bite you in the Buttocks.. lol. Seriously, I know it can be overwhelming; but all the tools and help are right at your finger tips. Just be patient with yourself and get through each course. C
Lets' Get Focused in 2018! I joined WA in December of 2017, I choose to become a Premium member after 1 week in. I clicked on a "popup Ad" from Eddy Salomon (Eddy with a Y); that grabbed my attention with his no nonsense approach. So here I am 1 month later. After engaging with the community and started the lesson's, I realized this platform has it all for me to finally learn to make money online;at a great monthly price. I checked out many other programs that want $1,000s of dollars for le
Hello WA Family,I must say, what a wonderful, inviting culture we have here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the very site I have been searching for. I have done more in this week, than I did when I first embarked on building a business online 8 months ago. I spend lots of money, but got stuck and had no help. I did not know anyone that was doing business online. I got overwhelmed and stopped. Well, now I am so glad Eddy with a y, his face popped up in an ad for WA, 1 week ago. Now I am a
November 26, 2017
I am stoked that I made a website so quickly. This is amazing! Lady J.