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So, this is my 4th day with WA. It has been an overwhelming but exciting experience so far.First, I have to say that I am grateful for all the FREE training from Kyle and the support from the community in here. Incredible! I enjoy every moment and learn super valuable skills needed to be successful in the online business!I have been working through the get started courses and I am in the process of setting up my website in BOOTCAMP (reminds me about my army days). I started my WA related websit
January 16, 2017
Hi, my name is Jacob. I am a total newbie with WA. Thank you for giving me this opportunity in joining up with WA. At last I stumbled upon the real deal in affiliate marketing(AM)/ Internet Marketing (IM). I am new to internet marketing. My background is in Education, which I am involved in most of my life, and I had six years’ business experience in fast food franchising earlier in my life. So, my point is, I am a total newcomer to the internet marketing business and had done a lot of re
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