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My site has finally reached the 3 month mark and on a whim... thought I'd punch one of my keyword phrases into Google. I've done this before with discouraging results. I've searched as deep as page 40 and still found nothing, long after the SERP's aren't even relevant anymore. So, I stopped looking at Google for validation. Why punish myself? Today, for some reason I thought some discouragement might be a good idea... so I did it. Typed those keywords in and clicked search...I started scrolling
I just wanted to write a quick post here to anyone planning on making the jump to SSL (https). Google is putting greater emphasis on SSL and WA is now offering it for free. You can toggle it on or off in the Site Manager. However, since your site (and pages) URL is effectively changed, your social share counts disappear. So far, my Twitter shares are still showing but all of my other shares are gone. I haven't tried to recover them yet (this just happened tonight) but I found some articles sayi