The Adventure Begins Today!

Last Update: October 13, 2018

As of just moments ago I decided on a niche, found a wealth of keywords, secured a domain name, and began setting up my website. It seemed like this milestone would never be reached, but it finally has!

I've been with Wealthy Affiliate a little over one month and was getting extremely frustrated with the dawnting task of selecting a niche. But I have access to insider information that most do not, and I had forgotten to use it — until today!

Opportunity With No Strings Attached!

You see, I'm not just a Wealthy Affiliate member — and even the fact that I am is testiment to the grace of my Father.

It was my Father, afterall, who moved the heart of one of my Brothers to cover the cost of my Wealthy Affiliate membership in order to provide me the opportunity to explore and learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am so grateful to my Father for acting on my behalf. I was entreated to a premium membership with no strings attached. All that is asked of me is that I give it a good, earnest try and learn some things along the way.

Regardless of outcomes, I have been richly blessed with the opportunity to be here and test things out! I am so blessed.

You're Invited to Follow Me.

Though I've hit some setbacks and hardships in my first month, today the adverture officially begins. I invite you to follow along and learn with me.

Also, if you'd like to learn more about my Father and his incredible heart to help other succeed, please reach out to me and I can arrange for an introduction.

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JimTheFin Premium
The hard part is out of the way, now it's time to start having some fun.
j-berglund Premium
Yes, indeed!
Godsmack12 Premium
Overcame and success.