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Last Update: October 18, 2018

I just completed level 2 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the momentum is building. There are a number of things I've made a note of along the way so far. Let me share them with you now.

Money Will Ruin You.

If your work as a Wealth Affiliate member is driven by money, you will ultimately fail. Money is a very cruel master, so don't put yourself beneath it!

A very wise mentor of mine (all of my mentors are very wise) once asked me a strange question earlier in my life when I was in full-on survival mode, desperate for money. He asked me to complete the following sentence:

If I just had ___________________, I would be set for life.

Naturally, I filled in the blank with a large sum of money. This would obviously fix all my problems and, much to my relief, life would be do-able!

Then my mentor said something very profound. He said, "Whatever you filled in the blank with, that is god to you."


He helped me see that plenty of people have made money their god — regardless of their present financial state! I also learned that while you may make some financial gains in the short-term, they will cost you dearly.

These short-term gains will cost you relationships, integrity, reputation, and even your personal dignity. Serve money long enough and it will cost you your very life. The point is this:

If you are not looking out for the best interest of others, you will fail, and it will hurt very badly. There is also a good possibility you will have no friends around to support you during that time of failure because you sold-out on your friends long before this point.

Keywords Aren't Everything.

Don't get me wrong, keywords are important but they are surely not the most important thing. Being found is truly a small part of the battle as an affiliate marketer.

Having those who find your work deem it valuable and trust you is HUGE!

If you think you can just slap together a page that is easily find-able but provide little to no value to those who find it, you are going about this all wrong! The minute I detect so much as the slightest hint that someone is only in it for the money, I run like the wind, likely never to return.

On the other hand, if I felt someone truly addressed my concerns and empathized with my frustrations — THEN provided me at least a good direction to go and offered their heartfelt encouragement as I went along... well, I would quite willingly be compelled to return the favor somehow (like a purchase).

Do It For Others

Frankly, if you can't do it as a service to others, please stop doing it. You tarnish the entire affiliate marketing industry and, even worse, your own reputation. Take yourself seriously and make your word mean something to others by insisting on it mean something to you!

Regardless of your political leaning and where your personal convictions lie (hopefully you have some!), there's no denying Chick-fil-a is a great example of how to do business right. They are experts at putting others first and succeeding as a result!

You can learn a lot from their Who We Are page!

Hopefully something I've shared has been helpful to you, and will go a long way toward you experience real, lasting success and not just some short-term gains followed by a catastrophic failure.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, so please share your thoughts!

><> JonahAndrew ("Drew")

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BobMargroff Premium
Hey Drew, very good point. When I first signed up here...that was my goal. After being here and reviewing what I’ve written in my posts, realized that they didn’t sound like I was sincerely concerned about my readers well-being. So I rewrote them with more empathy to someone working their tail off in an hourly job — and barely making ends meet. No more focus on my own income, but the potential “they”, my visitor has to be successful. I only hope and pray that my site gets picked up by a few searches and I actually start getting visitors. Thanks for this reminder of why we are really here.
gpyles Premium
Great outlook on this business. I see a lot of people focused on SEO and Keyword optimization etc.

It is really easy to forget to that providing value to our users is really what will make us successful in the long run.
j-berglund Premium
Thank you for the compliment. Yes, it's very easy to lose sight of what truly matters. I'm glad you found my post valuable.

><> JonahAndrew "Drew"
luvinmyfree Premium
Great article! Keep up the great work!! :-)
j-berglund Premium
Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you found it helpful. :0)
><> JonahAndrew "Drew"