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Last Update: October 16, 2018

I recently reached the end of lesson 7 in Level 2 where we are instructed to share content on the "Give & Take" Discussion. I visited the blogs mentioned in the three most recent comments and left a thoughtful, relevant comment on each.

A Thoughtful, Relevant Comment Example

Here is one of my comments as it apepars on a sneaker (shoe-related) blog:

Would you not agree that it is thoughtful and relevant?

My comment is a genuine one that shares a little of my experience with shoes and promotes further discussion. Furthermore, all of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation is spot-on.

You'll notice that I made NO mention of my own website in the comment, and decided to leave out my own URL from the author field.

It just didn't feel right to include a "shameless plug" in order to promote my own blog/website. This was about giving, and allowing otheres to give in-kind to my blog in the form of a comment.

An Irrelevant, Spammy Comment Example

Unfortunately, what I've received in return (as of the time of writing) left a lot to be desired! This afternoon I was greeted by three spam-laced comments that were hardly relevant.

Have a look:

Not one of these is helpful or particularly relevant. I marked all three of them as "Spam."

So... Moving forward.

I would truly appreciate some high-quality comments — and I am more than willing to offer the same. My blog is located at top10domainhosts.com.

Leave a quality comment to one of my blog posts, then comment to this post that you've done so along with your blog address so I can return the favor. Thank you in advance for your help.

><> Jonah Andrew "Drew"

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CravenATAT Premium
I have seen this issue as well. Sometimes people comment on the topic of my site, not realizing that the post they are commenting on may be a bit different. I hope you get the comments you deserve and I hope others take your advice as well! I think sometimes people are simply trying to type out as many comments as possible to get the credits or 50 cents as opposed to providing a comment of value.
j-berglund Premium
I'm sure some great comments will come my way soon, though I may ask some personal friends to supply them if WA members can't come through.

Quantity < Quality

As soon as doing something is ALL about the money, it's no longer worth doing. If you keep going being fully driven by money (or points), you are digging your own grave.