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Last Update: October 20, 2018

Just sharing a quick progress update this morning before I head out to a park with my wife and our dog to get some fresh air.

As of just moments ago, my website is branded with a logo I created... which brings to mind the tool I used to create it.

Why I Don't Use Adobe Illustrator

Adobe is considered to be "the standard" in the graphic design industry for creating vector graphics such as logos, and not surprisingly, it's what we used in college for this purpose as well.

Don't Settle For The Standard Fare.

I wasn't overly fond of Adobe's HUGE price tags back then (around $800.00 for the entire creative suite), but when they went entirely to a subscription-based model that runs over $600.00/yr for an individual subscription, I lost interest.

And then I discovered something much better!

Enter Serif's Affinity Designer.

I've owned and used it for over a year now and it's easily just as powerful as Adobe's offerings — and actually even more user-friendly! But most shocking of all is the price tag... just a one-time purchase that's under $100.00!

To be clear, I am not affiliated with them in any way and the link above is a direct link to their product page.

Has This Post Helped You?

Hopefully this helps someone. If this has been valuable to you, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Please also comment if you have any questions related to vector graphics, logos, or anything else mentioned in this post.

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A2A Premium
I've been a die hard Adobe fan for as long as I can remember and have been clinging to my Adobe 5 since it was released and 6 fell off the face of the planet lol! Their subscription game is not one i'm looking to play so I'll have to look into that! Thanks for the insight!
j-berglund Premium
You're welcome. I'm glad this was helpful to you!
SAWalden Premium
I am so happy to read this! After losing earlier versions of Adobe Creative Suite due to changes in OS's I have been going though "Illustrator withdrawal"!

I was able to purchase CS4 and later CS5 at a reasonable price as a student but as you stated, the price now is outrageous!

Scrolling through a few apps in the MS or Google store (maybe both) I came across Affinity Designer. My heart skipped a beat (or two) then I was off to read the reviews - it all just seemed to good to be true.

However, after reading your post I'm ready to be a Nike commercial and "Just Do It".

And you say AD is more user friendly than AI?
Wow...seems like a no brainer to me!

And now I have to follow you :-)
j-berglund Premium
I'm glad my post caught your interest. Yes, the user interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive! I love it.
Marley2016 Premium

Thank you for the advice for a place to make not just logos
but other graphics which could be useful to me in the future :)
j-berglund Premium
You're welcome. It's my pleasure.