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Just sharing a quick progress update this morning before I head out to a park with my wife and our dog to get some fresh air.As of just moments ago, my website is branded with a logo I created... which brings to mind the tool I used to create it.Why I Don't Use Adobe IllustratorAdobe is considered to be "the standard" in the graphic design industry for creating vector graphics such as logos, and not surprisingly, it's what we used in college for this purpose as well.Don't Settle For The Standar
I've been working hard on my niche-focused blog for several weeks now and I'm starting to gain altitude with my content. Let me share what I've learned about how to do content writing effectively!Bold Your Headings.Sometimes the headings are automatically bold, but it's worth double-checking them to make sure. Bold headings helps break up text and avoid having what I call "pain-point" when it comes to visitors reading your content.Break Paragraphs Up.Paragraphs should be 1-3 sentences to avoid
I just completed level 2 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the momentum is building. There are a number of things I've made a note of along the way so far. Let me share them with you now.Money Will Ruin You.If your work as a Wealth Affiliate member is driven by money, you will ultimately fail. Money is a very cruel master, so don't put yourself beneath it!A very wise mentor of mine (all of my mentors are very wise) once asked me a strange question earlier in my life when I was in ful
I recently reached the end of lesson 7 in Level 2 where we are instructed to share content on the "Give & Take" Discussion. I visited the blogs mentioned in the three most recent comments and left a thoughtful, relevant comment on each.A Thoughtful, Relevant Comment ExampleHere is one of my comments as it apepars on a sneaker (shoe-related) blog:Would you not agree that it is thoughtful and relevant?My comment is a genuine one that shares a little of my experience with shoes and promotes fu
October 06, 2018
As of just moments ago I decided on a niche, found a wealth of keywords, secured a domain name, and began setting up my website. It seemed like this milestone would never be reached, but it finally has!I've been with Wealthy Affiliate a little over one month and was getting extremely frustrated with the dawnting task of selecting a niche. But I have access to insider information that most do not, and I had forgotten to use it — until today!Opportunity With No Strings Attached!You see, I'm