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Hi everybody!As you may have noticed, Wealthy Affiliate shed its old skin and spruced up. Badges are great and give you a visual about your progress, tease you into earning more badges and achieving more accomplishments. Spot on!The update to blog page and questions area makes it even more easy to keep up with everything.The "Request Update" button in training, as well as the option to update your training, is a welcome addition that'll keep WA content fresh, up to date and engaging. Not to men
Hey everybody!Although I joined WA six months ago, I didn’t take much action until a couple of weeks ago when I really started training and working on my niche. And that’s what hooked me: I started learning and applying my new knowledge right away; I get to actually see my training progress before my eyes. It’s not like what you’d find in many “I’m gonna make you rich!” soi-disant programs, where you’re flooded with theoretical mumbo jumbo. That&r
Hey, guys!Today, Carson shared some awesome news, for those who didn’t notice, you can check out his post here: The good news: WA will, soon, be offering SSL Secure Certificate for all hosted websites (premium websites hosted at WA).The great news: It’s for FREE! Yes, pro bono!Believe it or not, just yesterday, and I mean yesterday, I was checking some providers, looking for a good affordable SSL Certificate. Thank God I didn&rsq
Hey guys!I want to put it straight from the beginning: I won’t cancel my membership, I’ve been here for a couple of months and upgraded to premium three weeks ago and I intend to keep it that way. I’m totally satisfied by the value I’m getting for what I’m paying. This probably shared by all premium members who got a taste for what WA is.But…I noticed that you can’t cancel your free or premium membership. While you can let your account stay dormant and
October 21, 2016
You may have noticed an interesting phenomenon as I have. I’m speaking about how WA members promote and support WA in subtle and indirect ways without there being an affiliate link, or money or anything. People here (and I mean everybody, including yours truly) are like singing the praises of WA, each in his own style. For example, when someone complains about some minor issue or questions the viability of the platform and its integrity, you’ll always find them defending WA ferociou
Hi, fellow WAs!A couple of months ago, I launched an e-book store but wasn't successful (read: I didn't sell a single book!). It was a mistake: turnkey website with duplicated design and content, suggesting itself as a “shaky” bridge to Amazon. I got carried away. Why would anyone stop by and buy a book from a shady website while they can get it directly from Amazon! Now, with hindsight, I can say it was a good experience anyway: I tried to run a marathon with sprint race mindset. T