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Hi folks!Again, I'm sorry, this is a question, not a blog, and again, I have to upload screenshots to illustrate the issue!So here's the thing: I used Google Fetch to speed up my content indexing, following the steps detailed in boomergp08's great training:I pasted the URL of the last post I published yesterday.As you see, it tells me that status is "Redirected". I don't know what that means, so I hit "Request indexing", logical!I clicked "Crawl only this URL". Then, I checked in Google,All pa
Hi guys and sorry, this is normally a question, but I have to upload screenshots and can't do that in the questions area (maybe that should change).I set up Google Analytics just couple of days ago. My first website has been live for about two months with only 3 posts.Today, I checked in my Google Analytics account the Audience Overview:How to crunch these numbers?I thought maybe comments I got here at WA count, but they all date back to October. So they're not WA commentators :) Maybe it's jus
Hi!Actually this topic is one of my hobby horses :) A friend of mine, in his line of work, creates 3D graphics using software and tools, and he’s got this job down to a fine art! Just this morning, I visited him at his office. I had to wait until he finishes a drafting session. I watched over his shoulders as he retouched textures, lighting angles, landscape and stuff like that. Then, he showed me the result as an animation, with people in the swimming pool, birds flying and all… a
Hi guys,I’ve just registered a new domain name here at WA: lucreativity.comA portmanteau word from Lucrative and Creativity. Is it obvious? Creative?As the name suggests, this would be built upon “Creative Lifehacks For Lucrative Life”, BTW how about that as a catchphrase :) ?
November 24, 2016
A friend suggested an exciting tool to find blogging ideas. I know, there’s a great deal of keyword tools around the web, including our own here at WA, which help with this. But AnswerThePublic (dot) com is not your average tool. If you’re stuck with content ideas or think you’ve exhausted potential low competitive keywords :) this app will give you a ton of ideas, precisely, questions people are asking.NB: don't mind the baldy-bearded guy :) he's the Seeker!What makes it any
Hello!Since cave dwellers of the Stone Age learned to sculpt their “life” on the rocks – urged by a desire to transmit knowledge or to convey something – the long adventure of data storage was initiated. Humans then passed to the dried clay, paper (for a very long time), and then, after the discovery of electricity, we saw the birth of the first modern storage devices.The problem with all current storage device such as DVDs, USB, CDs or SD cards, is that they all degrade
When we think about it, pretty much any piece of content does contain some “plagiarized” portions no matter what the topic or the source. As a freelance writer, I did plenty of “rewording” gigs when clients specifically asked for a piece to be rewritten. And I’m still selling original content. So the concept of plagiarism is on the table, since we all are concerned especially that “content” is the holy grail of affiliate marketing. “Copy from one,
Hi everybody!She shared with us great news today: she became WA Ambassador, one among only 25 honorific positions! She’s been awarded for her merits as an active online WA member who, above all, is a philanthropic soul who helped, and is helping, legions of hapless people offline.A New Ambassador in Town: Please Welcome JOY! So shout all with me: bravoooo! Joy deserves it and WA deserves Joy! The same as you gain in notoriety, WA will gain in Joy’s altruism and magnanimity. I’
November 19, 2016
Course 3 Done!I just finished all the 10 lessons of Course 3, and I'm heading to Course 4 with more energy and will than ever! And I've been a premium member for just about 40 days.So far, I learned and done tons of great stuff that I wouldn't even know about couple of months ago. Let the adventure continue! I'll keep on keeping on!
November 18, 2016
Hi Guys!I like the concept of PBN, or Private Blog Network. It’s quite an interesting tactic. Simply put, a PBN is a bunch of websites with the sole mission to point to the main website, via backlinks. As you all know, backlinks are a major criterion taken by search engines to rank websites nowadays.With a main, authoritative website and, say, ten websites all linking to it organically all the time, the first page, if not the first result is guaranteed. Of course, provided that the main w