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June 09, 2016
I wrote a blog post a few years back detailing the process I use to find popular niches online based on my interests. I've been doing my research lately and wanted to share with you 10 of the hottest niches I've found.Each niche will cover a Google Trend Graph, Jaaxy suggested keywords, popular products currently being sold in that niche, and a little blurb by me on why it was selected for this list.(PS. if you don't already have a Jaaxy account, go there and sign up for one now. It's one of th
Well, I did something I never really wanted to do.I turned 30 back in May.It wasn't that bad I suppose. But ideally, we'd all stay young forever.It did get me thinking though about the most valuable resource I have: Time.Making money from running a business is great, but it's renewable and replaceable. If something were to happen I could start over and build another source of income.I'm never going to be in my 20s again. As hard as I might try, that part of my life is over and it's not coming b
I'm often asked "Steve, how much money do you make per month?" Quite often, in fact. Maybe a little too often.I hate this question because A. It's fairly rude! and B. Income "proof" is easily faked.Instead, what I like to share are my photos from trips we've taken around the world. These can't be faked and it does prove that I'm able to live the lifestyle I often talk about. Here are a few of my previous posts in case you've missed some of them...12 Months of TravelI've Got the Freedom to Work
I've been invited out to the Wealthy Affiliate conference four times now and I pretty much have the 2017 conference invite already wrapped up as well. The other super affiliates have all blogged their experiences and by now, you have a pretty good idea of what went on while we were there.Instead, I wanted to offer a bit of help so that you can join us next year. The conference will shatter every one of your expectations. It does for me every single year.There's one piece of advice that I can of
November 24, 2015
Saying Amanda ( ) and I like to travel would be a little bit of an understatement. We're essentially living our lives between trips. I wanted to share a few of the photos I've taken from our trips this past year. These are some of my all time favorite pictures.I didn't start out with this much freedom and flexibility though. I put my time in upfront. I didn't take shortcuts, I took pride in my work, and I never expected something from nothing.In the end, I
There was a bit of a "lively" discussion yesterday and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts, give you some background, and explain why you'll never beat Google at what they do best.On BacklinksLet's clear up some confusion first. Backlinks are absolutely still a relevant metric in Google's search algorithm.HOWEVER.That is just one metric out of HUNDREDS. Backlinks do play a role, but the problem begins when people spend the entirety of their time focusing on building backlinks only. Strictly
I started writing this post a few months ago after my 6 year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate, but life kind of got in the way. The important thing is that it's finished now :)Six. Years. (Plus!)That's how long I've been an active, happily paying member here at Wealthy Affiliate. I'll cover the best decision I've ever made in a minute, but I wanted to spend some time and reflect on some of the things that matter most to me.FamilyOf course, my family is number one.I'm coming up on three years of
I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago talking about the greatest perk about Internet Marketing being unlimited vacation days. Today marks the end of a great vacation throughout California and Hawaii. This is the real beauty of Internet Marketing. As long as I have a laptop and an Internet connection, I can work from pretty much anywhere in the world. (This also means I don't get a proper vacation ever as I'm always working, but I'm not complaining!) I just wanted to share with you my "office" the
Unlimited vacation time. Seriously, if there's one thing I'll never be able to give up about Internet Marketing, it will be the unlimited vacation time. When I was in college I would hear recent graduates talk about their one week of vacation time each year. And there would always be that guy who chimed in to "brag" that he got "two whole weeks!" Hearing that always left me depressed, but motivated. No way was I going to spend 50 weeks a year working for someone else to be thankful that I got 1
I was going to blog a bit about Vegas, but Eddy, Ian, and Vitaliy all beat me to the punch. This is the third time I've been invited to Vegas to attend the Wealthy Affiliate conference. As always, I've come away with more ideas on how to grow my business and a confirmation that Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best place for beginners to come to learn how to grow a business online. I have been recommending it since 2009 for a reason! Instead of talking about the trip again, I want to take