I've got the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

Last Update: March 12, 2015

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago talking about the greatest perk about Internet Marketing being unlimited vacation days. Today marks the end of a great vacation throughout California and Hawaii.

This is the real beauty of Internet Marketing. As long as I have a laptop and an Internet connection, I can work from pretty much anywhere in the world. (This also means I don't get a proper vacation ever as I'm always working, but I'm not complaining!)

I just wanted to share with you my "office" these past few weeks.

And my view...

I'm going to miss this place.

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GirlFriday71 Premium
Nice office ;) My hubby and I would love to see more of Australia!! We have already had a taste when we did a 4 week crammed trip to the Northern Territory with our boys, and we would love to 'hit the road' and do more exploring, but in a little more leisurely fashion. This is where i would like to invest in myself and affiliate marketing, because I know it is something that can travel with me.. and of course there's another niche!! :)
OAG Premium
I love your pic view, adorable and mouthwatering .
I would want to have my office in my house with a cool room surrounded with Jacuzzi and a glass of wine always( ideas keep flowing in that way) , my table and chair , laptop , plasma TV( to monitor world market.... as if i understand what those guys do daily) , steady internet connection, pen and paper . Then I'm good to go.
vodkacran Premium
I understand what you mean. My job allowed me to take five months off every winter. ( without pay). I lived in Alaska, so going somewhere warm was necessary. Now that I'm retired I have lots of time but not enough $.
I would love to make this business venture work.
Good job and continued good luck.

elecamp Premium
Hi Steve:
My favourite place would be to stay in Canada in the winter!
I love the curling competitions on TV and slogging through the snow for my daily walks!
I'm not so sure about traveling any more! I wouldn't mind Vancouver in the summer for my dream place to be have an office, though!
Mstlynn Premium
Hawaii is an amazing place, our son is in the Army and is stationed there. I was fortunate to be able to spend 4 months there a couple years ago, but due to my illness have not been able to go back. Now it is due to lack of money. I would love to make enough to be able to live there as long as he is stationed there and then would like to make a permanent home around Cozumel or Belize. We are in NE oregon now, which is absolutely gorgeous in the Spring and Summer, but the winters are cold and long.