How I Define Success.

Last Update: Mar 5, 2018


A few years ago I shared this picture showcasing my office for the week...

Well, Amanda and I are back on Maui but this time things are a little different. We're staying in the same place, but the office has a bit of an upgrade...

To me, this is the definition of succeeding in this space.

Amanda, Vincent, and I get to spend 2 weeks on Maui, hanging out, watching whales, and enjoying the long days.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows of course.

I call the balcony my office because I am still out here getting work done. That's the major selling point to this business.

All I need is my laptop and I can run my business from anywhere in the world. I am still hard at work while I'm here. If I want to plan a trip back next year, I can't afford to take any time off.

I'm taking a quick break for lunch, to show off some pictures, then getting right back into things.

I am always going to take a break and go check out a sea turtle when it comes on shore for a nap though.

Recent Comments


Nice place to unwind hope i will get to that level

It's not really a matter of if or hopes. It's about putting the hours in.

Thenks iam going to put alot hours if need be

Enjoy. Lol

Thanks Lanu!

Vincent is getting cuter and cuter....

The digital nomad lifestyle sounds great to me. I like your definition of success.

He's certainly growing into his hair at least haha. We're just happy he's as laid back as we are (usually) or else this would be an entirely different trip.

I guess it is called working holiday LOL.
Have a great time with your success (family).

Have to keep working so we can continue to go on holidays.

Awesome Steve!

True definition to Success for sure!


Thanks Tony!

Amazing story thank you and you have a beautiful little one

Thanks Melissa! He sure does love the camera.

You are welcome

Thanks for sharing.

Happy to Eliane!

like the upgrade and the pics

He makes work a little more difficult but a lot more worth it.

It is Monday am in Singapore here.. Lol.
Was reading things on mindfulness last evening... Enjoy the moment ..

Thank you! :)

That's awesome! Enjoy your time there Steve.

I will for sure! Thanks Howard!

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