Woo hoo I made it to Las Vegas baby!

Last Update: Oct 2, 2021

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Hey guys and gals!

Today I made a new sale. It was a sale #300 for the year 2021.


I'm going to Las Vegas! :D

I was looking forward to this moment for quite some time and it's finally here!

The timer has changed from counting my sales to saying: Vegas!

To be honest, I'm a bit lost for words because I'm still trying to process the accomplishment :)

I've been working on my website day after day after day for two years non-stop and I'm happy and grateful for coming this far.

The job, however, is not finished.

In fact, it has just begun!

Nonetheless, I'm super excited about the trip where I'm going to meet Kyle, Carson, Jay, and other super-affiliates and I can't wait to become a part of the super-affiliate circle.

I want to use this opportunity to say THANKS to everybody who's been supporting me along the way.

Those people are of course, Kyle and Carson, Jay, Eddy Solomon, Dale, Jerry Huang, Simon, Kathy, and many other awesome members of the community!

And here's a quick message to all of you who are working on your Bootcamp sites:


Follow the training to the letter, publish posts consistently, be active within the WA community, help people to get started, and all your hard work will pay off!

It may take a few months to start seeing results.

But if you don't give up during the first few months, by the end of the first year, you should be having a growing business.

After that, it's just a matter of staying consistent and disciplined.

Keep hustling, best of luck, and hope to see you in VEGAS baby :D



Recent Comments


Congrats Ivan! You've definitely deserved it. I remember when you really started to work on your site as we both were constantly in the comments exchange thread. I knew you were going to make it, there was just something about your attitude!

I unfortunately gave up on my bootcamp site as I burned out with my day job and the daily writing during lockdown. The needle just wasn't moving. Fortunately I've still got that site and my other site that's actually bringing in some income consistently. I read in your other blog post that you were "sandboxed" or something along those lines by Google due to technical issues on your site, could you tell a bit more about that? Maybe write it into blog post even? Just something I and many other would probably want to compare on our sites since you clearly got it solved.


Thanks a lot, Jukka! I do remember it like it was yesterday :)

I'm sorry to hear that you have given up on your Bootcamp site. I remember seeing your posts in the search results and I was really convinced that you're going to follow the same path as me. I encourage you to pick up where you have left, maybe even hire a copywriter, and don't give up on your site!

Yes, I had some problems with the theme, which caused loading problems and has affected my site's speed badly. I fixed it by changing the theme and installing some plugins to boost my site speed performance. I have written a blog post about this experience. You can read it below: I hope this helps.

Awesome Ivan!!! I knew you could do it.

I'm still short from that achievement but I'm not quitting...

And in the end, it's all worth it!

A BIG congrats to you.

I know how much you've worked to get there as it's not given to anyone. But it's accessible to those who believe and do not quit! 🙂

Thanks a lot for your kind words! Keep working hard on your own website and I hope to see you in Vegas on day :)

Wow, this is awesome, congratulations Ivan, please take lots of pictures for us, I am still hoping to make it to Vegas too at some point in my affiliate marketing journey. It must be fantastic hanging out with the super affiliates.

Again, well done, and keep going, there is no limit.


Hey Rose! Thanks :) I'll take lots of pictures! I'm looking forward to meeting you there one day.

Good morning Ivan,

Well done, that's fantastic news, I'm really pleased for you! I'm sure that you will encourage many members, including myself! I know that you have been working extremely hard and definitely deserve it. Maybe you need to put your journey into a book!?

So basically you have promoted 300 members in nine months, does that mean 400 members by the end of the year!?

Wishing you all the best and huge congratulations.


Thanks :) Book sounds interesting. Yes. I have promoted 300 Premium members in nine months. Based on the math, it could mean 400 or more by the end of the year.

It's a pleasure, Ivan! It's also a pleasure to hear success stories especially when lives are turned around!

I think a book would be a good idea as although I don't know you personally. However, I feel like I know you due to reading quite a few of your blog posts! I believe that you have really turned your life around. In other words, you have utilised the power of the Internet and followed through, big time with the training at Wealthy Affiliate!

A book is something that I would like to do, it doesn't have to be necessarily long. But it can tell others how we got there and things that we have learnt along the way. If it's an e-book or Kindle book it can also include links to an offer or Wealthy Affiliate et cetera.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Ivan, what an accomplishment! I look forward to hanging out, getting to know you, and discussing how to boost your business in 2022! I really can't wait to see what you can do in the year to come. You've worked extremely hard to get to this point. You've got the mindset that it takes to take your business to the next level and I look forward to talking with you about this face to face in Vegas!

Thanks, Carson! I'm looking forward to hanging out with you too. Thanks for all your help so far! See you in Vegas :)

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