How To Become Better And Faster Writer in 5 Steps?

Last Update: January 17, 2021

Hey there, guys and gals, I hope you're having a great Sunday!

One of my fellow Wealthy Affiliates asked me the other day could I share my process of writing content fast because I said that I can write one post per day.

And I really can because I'm practising for three years already.

The thing is, we're in the business of content. The better your content is, the better for your business. And the faster you can write it, the better for you.

So today, I would like to share my system for writing quality and well-researched content fast that I developed over the last few years using the information I learned from Kyle, Carson, and other experts.

So without any further ado, here's how you can improve the quality and the number of your blog posts count.

1.) Create A List Of At Least 30 Keywords/Content Ideas

The very first step toward creating high-quality content is keyword research. Your task is to create a list of keywords that have at least 30 searches per month and less than 100 competing sites.

Once a month, I take a "day off" to surf the internet and find good keywords. To do so, you can use Jaaxy's feature called the Alphabet soup.

Alphabet Soup Technique - Using Google Instant to Find Keywords

You can also find good keywords in Google.

Simply type in the name of your niche and start searching. Google gives you suggestion at the bottom of the first page in SERP. It's that little box that says "People are also asking."

Use all these features to create a list of at least 30 keywords. This will keep you busy for a month or two, or more!

Moreover, you will not have to waste your time to find keywords if you follow this suggestion. All you have to do is update the list one per month and you're golden.

This is the KEY to creating content fast.

When I was starting out, I used to do keyword research daily. Sometimes, I would get discouraged and would skip the whole day because I haven't found any good keywords.

Once I started creating these lists, those days where gone and I was finally free to focus on my writing. Speaking of which...

2.) Before You Start Writing, Do A Google Research

One thing I ALWAYS do before I start writing my content is a quick Google research on the topic that I'm going to write about.

This way, I get the insights into the topic that I'm going to be writing about.

Simply "google" the topic and open at least 3-5 posts that are ranking on the top of the SERP and read them or just scan the text to get some ideas for your own content.

This is not unethical or anything like that.

In fact, this is a smart thing to do because you want to match the user intent. Those first five sites in SERP have done so already, which is the reason why they've got the top positions.

Remember, Google gives top spots only to sites that provide with the right information.

So if you match the user intent as well, and provide them with the same information (only in your own words - don't copy!!!), you'll have a high chance to reach one of those top 5 positions in the future

Moreover, you don't want to reinvent the wheel.

If a user is searching for "how to start with the affiliate marketing" and the first five websites share almost the same information, why would you want to share something off-topic?

So before you start writing, make sure to get your facts straight!

3.) Content Framework - Outline Your Post

Now it's time to actually start writing your own piece. But before you do so, you should always make sure to outline and structure the post before writing.

There's one lesson that struck me when I first joined WA and I remember it very well because it was one of those eureka moments.

It was a lesson where Kyle was showing how to architect your content before writing it so that once you start writing, the words flow naturally.

And guess what? He was right about it!

So my advice to you is to watch the lesson below.

Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture

The essence of the lesson is to come up with at least 3-5 headings before you start writing.

This way, once you start writing, you'll already know the things that you will be talking about so the words should flow naturally without any blocks.

This lesson is one of the KEYS to fast writing together with the tip I gave you above about doing Google research before writing your content.

If you do both things before writing, you'll write like a machine!

4.) Write Like You're Talking To A Friend

Now that you have done all the research and have created the outline for the future masterpiece, simply take a deep breath, visualize a good friend, and start talking to him or her.

Yes, I'm not crazy lol.

If you write about something the same way you would talk to a friend if you would have to explain to him or her the topic of your post, your writing will sound natural and friendly.

Moreover, this simple trick will drag people to read your blog post from start to finish.

Well, at least some of them lol.

This is the technique that all pros from all walks of life use to improve their skills. Visualizing the act before doing it, makes the act perfect and natural.

So start writing and don't stop until you write at least 1000 words.

And if you feel that you have more to share, go nuts and keep writing like crazy. The goal is to get it all out in any shape or form before fixing the errors.

This leads me to the last step...

5.) Edit Edit Edit!!!

Once it's all out from your system, you should take a five and make yourself another cup of coffee, stretch a little bit, eat an apple, basically, just take a short break.

See, before you start editing your post, the smart thing to do is to move away from it for a while to let your brain process everything that you just wrote.

I once read a post from a fellow blogger who said that he writes the first draft I none sitting and then goes for a jog or takes a shower or walks his dog, etc before he starts editing.

I personally just take a five-ten-fifteen minute break and then continue with my work.

The goal is to reread your post for at least two times and correct the mistakes. And believe me, there will ALWAYS be mistakes no matter how much you edit it lol.

But no worries, this is the easiest part.

Simple go through the content and rewrite the awkward sentences, correct your grammar and spelling, delete the unnecessary sentences and add more words when and where you feel like you should.

A Few Final Words

That's basically it, guys. These are the five steps I repeat almost every single day to produce content without any headache and it takes me about 2 hours to finish 1500 words.

And here's how and why.

The keyword research is already done so I don't have to waste time there.

It takes me about 20 minutes to read and scan the first 3-5 posts in Google on the topic that I want to write about. It takes me about 10 minutes to architect the post. And then, it takes about one hour to deliver 1500 words in one sitting.

After all that is done, it takes me 30 minutes to edit the post and implement SEO (images, videos, keywords, etc).

The best thing is, the more you practice these steps, you'll start becoming better and faster and writing your own content.

Remember, the key to mastering any skill in life is in repetition.

You've got access to the best training program on this topic. Make sure to use it!

Kyle and Carson are doing this for 15 years and counting, which means that you're in the best place to become a better copywriter.

And I'm sure that you will, eventually. :)

Keep moving forward and best of luck!

Your friend,

Ivan :)

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EdwinBernard Premium
Very well stated. Thanks for sharing. After reading your post I bookmarked it for future reference.

When I started out in WA and read Kyle's lessons on this topic, I did that. But I meandered away because I didn't do some of the steps you mentioned. I feel you have taken Kyle's training and tweaked it to make it more easy for me to follow.

Not only that, I was able to identify what things I was doing that were counterproductive.

Thanks so much Ivan.

IvanBroz Premium
Sure thing, Edwin. Thanks for your comment :)
BrightSales Premium
I'm doing most of these 5 steps friend. I need to learn how to post more by reading other people's contents and rewrite them in my own words. Mostly, I prefer to write from experience or about what I have learned.
I know they are people would copied other people's contents and switch around a few words to make it "unique". I think it is the style they use to capture their visitors as they can get away with it. Thanks for a helpful post. All the best!
IvanBroz Premium
You're welcome :) All the best to you too!
jghwebbrand Premium
Very nicely done!
It very well captures what we do too.
Step 2 is something we had to learn over the years. When we first started we thought we had to be completely unique and missed the point that the top posts in the SERPs give indication of what the audience is looking for.

This is a great post especially for newbies. It reinforces what the WA training says.

Thanks for sharing.
IvanBroz Premium
Sure thing, glad you find it useful :)
kimwolfe Premium
Great points Ivan! #2, 3 and 4 are spot on. And overall, efficient repetition is key. If WA members stick with your process, they can absolutely achieve success with affiliate marketing as well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom :)
IvanBroz Premium
Sure thing :) this process works well for me. So far, I managed to rank dozens of posts in top 3 in SERP using this formula.
kimwolfe Premium
wozzy Premium
Hey Ivan, great information for ones who are struggling.

Have a nice day,

IvanBroz Premium
Glad you like it, Mick :)