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November 12, 2017
On November 6th my traffic suddenly started increasing! I've been successfully managing to post at least once a day lately, but I noticed that the main source of all this new traffic I am getting was about a post I wrote about 3 months ago.The QSR of the post was around 90, and my ranking for the post was at around the 8th page, so I was confused, thinking "would people really go all the way down to page 8 for this keyword, but then looking into my acquisition, I realized that it is possible pe
Hey everyone whats going on? I may be getting seasonally laid off soon, I either am already or will be within a week, I will find out soon. For anyone who reads the previous blog posts I have put within my Wealthy Affiliate page, you must know how extremely excited I am about this lay off, as I will still be supplemented with an income to keep food in my mouth for at least 4 months, and that means I don't have to spend 80 hours a week doing something I don't wanna do (my job outside of wealthy
So, I've been trying to play through Doom 2016 and beat the game, but I didn't really play this game for the normal reason of playing games! I had some fun today playing it, and believe me, I'm thinking of giving it an 8/10, its a good and fun game, but I feel kinda stressed. I sort of have this way of thinking that the real proper way to review videogames in general is if you actually have a real feel of the flow of the game!You gotta emotionally connect to it yourself, in your own way, what d