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Are you planning to build an online empire which a lot of people from all parts of the will be visiting to read, engage and observe all sorts of blogging activities? Then, let me congratulate you as you're about to start a new life.Can you give the time, effort and expenses needed to build a blogging empire? If yes, the sky will be the limit as you'll soon start rocking the blogging world with consistency and persistence. This is something most people don't really have. So, if you have it, you'
IntroductionI felt great when I received an email all of a sudden from Kyle that I've now officially been recognized as an ambassador of Wealthy Affiliate. He also mentioned a lot of things I can't be mentioning right now as time may not permit but I feel so excited having realized that I've officially become an ambassador of this reputable and vibrant online business community without any stress at all.For some few days now, I've noticed that my WA rank has been going up consistently but I thi
Blog commenting is what a lot of veteran bloggers have ignored over the past few years whereas this is very vital as far as getting ranked in Google is concerned. You will be engaging your audience through the comments that are being posted to your site.What does Google call blog commenting? Google sees blog commenting as a way of reaching out to your ideal target audience. When you reply comments on your own blog, Google regards this as site/audience engagement.Writing content frequently is go
I have been a premium member of this community for some months now building out my site with quality and helpful content while engaging visitors but still remain in a state of confusion while considering to start creating training tutorials for the community.I learned recently that I can only start earning from level 2. I also learned that I can earn if someone reads, comments on or likes my training tutorial. Is this true at all? I have read series of training tutorials about earning cash cred
It was quite interesting and encouraging when I hit the "publish" button and got Google indexed after four hours of publishing. I became more encouraged and strengthened to add extra efforts when I saw this.I did my thorough research and found that remarkable content drives tons of traffic and if written in an informative manner, can attract hundreds of thousands of real and targeted readers within a week.Kudos to Wealthy Affiliate for providing such a wonderful opportunity and making available
I joined the WA community last December and started building my website with quality and engaging content. After the first three days of starting out with writing content, I got my website fully indexed by Google and was amazed.I made sure I wrote good content of 1500-2000+ words and engaged all of my blog posts. Though it wasn't easy to create articles of such lengths, I have set a goal at the very beginning and made sure I kept this in mind. I created all necessary menus including the privacy