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March 01, 2018
Today, I witnessed something devastating.I was at work and a co-worker next to me just received a message saying that a friend of her daughter just died. He was 23. He was sleeping and when his parents tried to wake him up in the morning, he wouldn't open his eyes.I can't imagine the level of pain that moment can cause to somebody. It's always hard to say goodbye for good to somebody you love but it's never fair to outlive your children, It just isn't.These sort of happenings inevitably make yo
January 05, 2018
Hi everyone!It's that time of the year again! New Year's Resolutions come into play ;)Well, I've decided I'm not going to make any of those resolutions anymore, cause we know how they usually turn out. I want lasting changes in my life, and that involves a commitment and hard work, which I'm willing to put into practice.Some people do not believe they can change their lives if they put some effort in it, and as they don't see it possible, end up telling everyone around them they can't do it eit
November 24, 2017
OK, I've fallen into the Black Friday fever and gone yearly. If you're really commited to make WA work for you, I suggest you do the same thing, it means a 50% discount from your monthly bill and you got a whole year to make it awesome!Yearly feels really good. Just wanted to let you guys know ;)Anybody else commiting for the long term?Take care!Israel.
I just made my longer post at my website: 2991 words, and that made me think.What is the proper length of a blog post?I'm usually OK with more than 1500 words, and happy when I'm over 2000 but I guess that's because of the influence of other people's articles I've read on this topic which say:- Google loves long posts.- Long posts give you more chances to spread long-tail keywords which will help you rank better.The thing is that I've read people confessing to be afraid of writing long posts in
April 05, 2017
Your mind is like a sponge. It soaks up an amazing amount of information from the outside world every day.When you're watching TV...At work...During a dinner with friends... While you're walking on the street... Many things you don't even pay attention to, your mind stores them.Then, all these things transform into thoughts, ideas, flashes and interpretations of reality which, at the end of each day, end up jumbled together in your subconscious.Part of them are positive, the others are negative
Hi everyone!Beginnings are no bed of roses. You can feel doubtful, scared, stuck, frustrated sometimes, when you're starting a new stage of your life, right?But when somebody tells you they already tried before you, and succeeded... how does that make you feel?And how about when they also offer themselves to guide you through the exact same steps they took, so that you get that same success they achieved?Feeling more confident and motivated now, huh?There's many success stories here at WA, they
We live our lifes trying to move forward and not to get into much trouble on the way, right?And that makes us, many times, look away from others' issues, since we already got things going on, and that alone can become quite a burden sometimes.But, actually, when we despise or simply not notice that suffering around us, we become distress ourselves, so we're really not doing any favour to us or to others with that selfish attitude.Yeah, we got "our own shit going on", but that doesn't mean we ca
March 06, 2017
Someone said once: "Choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life". I'm almost 40, and I've had more than 10 different jobs in 20 years. And I can promise you, I haven't loved any of them...Sometimes the salary was the only thing worth the effort. In other occasions, the people I met at work made up for the overall crappy experience.And it was just in two of them where I can say I felt the actual work I was doing was kind of meaningful and I was actually learning on t
When you join WA, you're not just entering an online marketing platform, you are commiting with the best online community there is.You can easily be overwhelmed when you get here for the first time:By the amount of people willing to help you without knowing you at all...By the endless tools and services you can make use of...By the outstanding quality of the training that's presented to you...By the private welcome messages from the owners themselves who offer you 24/7/365 attention...Your head
February 24, 2017
Since I joined WA 3 months ago, my head has been making more noise than usual.I guess you know the feeling... thousands of daily thoughts about business opportunities lining up in your head, trying to get a chance to be heard and put to work.I have to say, some days I've felt overwhelmed and a little lost inside my own mind trying to find out how to prioritize what was going on up there.But then, I found the cure to that. The noise will still always be there, but you won't pay attention to it,