My House yard Improvement

Last Update: December 28, 2021

Hello, my Bro and Sis here in the Wealthy Affiliate community, This time I gonna share with you my house yard activities, because being a handy person, it's my hobby to do whatever is good to my house yard.

A little bit of mason works must be done started in this image, Idiga little bit then I poured with gravel.

Finishing with garden Tile is still in progress, and hopefully on my next blog it will be completed.

My wife Eula did some help by painting in the stoneliner.

I thought she can't finish it but look it completely painted white.

Front view of omy ornamental plants i trimmed to new designed

I trimmed into another unique designed hopefully by next couple of weeks the leaves at the middle will grow and it will be looking more nice.

So guy it's me, at my house yard doing some improvement to look it better. hope you had also some nice activities at home that can remove your boring and stress in life.

Happy Wednesday everyone, perhaps our kababayan Mel and the rest of my countrymen living in central and eastern Pghilippine they are still strugling of hardship in life now after their properpertie being devastated by Typhoon Odette.

Hoping and praying for more relief goods and financial assistance for everyone of them to ease their way ofl living at this time.thatthey are almost hopeless.

All the best for you,

Isabelo :-)

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DivineGood Premium
You are a jack of all trades over there, huh?

You've done a wonderful job on your garden
and the way you transformed it really shaping
up well. Soon the middle part of your tree will
grow more.

Eula had done her pretty part too.

It is really refreshing and rejuvenating working
on the garden especially when the flowers
are blooming and your trees are seeing some
signs of fruits growing.

Good for you... a real great stress-reliever.

Peace and blessings to you and Eula.

IsabeloJ3 Premium
Thank you Lizzie for your awesome comment.
DivineGood Premium
As always, Isabelo.
Take it while you can.

Peace and blessings to all of you.

tdbabineaux Premium Plus
I used to own a house years ago, a small ranch where there were always some sort of improvements needing to be made. I had two upstairs rooms that had never been finished. I had to install electrical outlets and finish the drywall. The floor needed mending in a couple of places. And we had a rose garden that needed constant tending. We had animals, a horse and a burro, so fences always needed mending. In the winter, pipes needed wrapping so they wouldn't freeze.

But you are right - it was all very relaxful and a great way to burn off stress.

IsabeloJ3 Premium
Exactly Terry really stress reliever.
Bridges Premium
Nice improvements, Isabelo, but most of the areas here are too cold this time of year to think about outdoor projects. I will focus on getting inside improvements done for another 2 months and then venture out to the garden.
Yes, we were in Luzon (Laguna) in 2013 when Yolanda tore up Tacloban. It took months to restore properties. The same will be with Odette. They do need our prayers.
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Yes Archie they really need financial support and goods.
Preetam3 Premium
Nice work Isabelo, you have such a beautiful 🏠 and the producer is pretty clean and clear. It's feels nice to do some work.👍
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Actually that's still in progress Preetam. hopefully next blog I will show you the nicer one hehe.
MYJones Premium
I’ve never been much of an outside decorator, but I can see that you put a lot of creativity into your exterior decorations. Well done!