I am still here, I didn't go anywhere!

Last Update: Apr 4, 2022

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Hello my fellow WAer's, I am just expressing my very big surprise not upsetting regarding my ranking in Wealthy Affilliate , in which it has a huge fall down from 1.4k to 5.1k Well maybe due to my absence everyday since mid of Marfch i wasn't participating any discussion in the community, my last WA blog post was on march 20, 2022. and I was seldom answering some questions from newbies. I believed it was my fault to what happened on my rank in WA.

But I would like to express my apology to everyone for being not so active during the past few days due to my everyday in early in the morning activities at home. Since we move back to our house in Quezon City the office of my wife is getting far so I need to fetch her everyday, if we can not catch her shuttle bus in the pick up point I need to bring her directly to her office in Manila which it took about 3hrs back and forth basis.

After fetching my wife in her office when i'm back at home theres a lot of task that i need to accomplish daily.that's the reason my time in Wealthy affiliate becoming smaller, because I need also to rest even just an hr in order to preserved my health, because weekdays I need also to week upalong with my wife at 4:20am.

Anyway nevermind of my rank here if it went down, as long as my faith is still intact,I'm still confident that I can recover perhaps I didn't do what would be the required content weekly but as long as I did it slowly, Hopefully I can survive this situation in God's will.

Hope you understand my situation just to tell you one more time that I'm still here, and 'm not going anyhwere.

Herewith you Always,

Isabelo :-)

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Great to hear from you Isabelo and I am happy to hear that you are well!

You are certainly keeping busy over there though my friend! While I don't envy waking up at at 4:20am.. we've all got to do what we have got to do!

Take care ok!

Thank you Jessie.

Very welcome my friend!

I'm glad that things are okay with you and I know how hard it must be to do everything at once that you can only have a small percentage of your time within' the WAC.

I surely hope that things will get better for you, Isabelo.

Take care,


Thank you for your understanding Myra.

I know exactly what you mean. The circumstances of life impinge on many things I want to do including WA. But it is, we are, always here when there is time.

Many thanks for the comment.

Life events do come first.
It is so great to see a post from you, but your WA ranking is not as significant as your personal websites. Do keep focus on your personal website business to increase your rankings there first.

We wish you strength and energy for all of your activities.

Yeah that's why I posted it that I'm still here nat going anywhere Haha.

I was wondering what happened to you, Bro! Thigs will get better, Isabello!


I'm ok bro just a bit busy thank you.

I'm glad to hear it, Bro, and I completely understand!


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