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July 23, 2014
Yeah Baby! Now I got to #2 on the first page. I have been writing for a while and have never ranked this fast. Thank you to Kyle for the first two courses. It is obvious what you are saying works and using that Jaaxy QSR is KEY!
July 22, 2014
I cannot believe it. On a whim I decided to Google my main keyword and found my new site #5 & #6 in Google. All I did was follow Kyle's advice in the training. I know it isn't money yet, but it just proves that the content in the training works. I am even more pumped than I was before. It just goes to show, that Kyle and Carson have a good blueprint for success and all we have to do is follow it. Thanks Guys!!
I have completed the training up to Course 2, Lesson 2 and I have a framework and some content on my site. Kyle talked about setting up pages in the course, but for my site, I wanted to continue to create posts without having to add to the pages. I am not sure, if I did this the best, but instead of creating a menu that navigated to pages, I created a menu that navigated to the categories. Now all of my posts still show up on the front page, but then when a menu item is hit, only those posts
My first impressions of Wealthy Affiliate are excellent. It is great to see everyone really doing their best to try and help each other. I also have to be transparent and state that I am not a beginner when it comes to building web sites and blogging. I have a blog on my coaching site called IronGoof (, however, I have never tried to monetize a blog before, which is why I have decided to start from scratch and follow the training. I have decided to build a niche site on b
July 17, 2014
WA makes things so easy that I didn't even wait my 7 free days. Kyle and Carson proved to me that they can be trusted to give the best tools possible to make everyone in the community successful. Of course it is not just K&C, but all of you within the community helping each other that really sold me. I am looking forward to this journey with all of you. I hope to communicate with a lot of you as we share our triumphs on our way to our success.