Where to get the free siterubix website boxbanner?

Where to get the free siterubix website boxbanner?

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WA Affiliate Program

I'm at Bootcamp Affiliate course. At course 1, lesson 6 on writing out themed content, Kyle has linked his sample of a content titled Build A Website.

Inside that conte

Did you find the area inside the links they gave you Indahpermai?

Hi, Nathaniell. Thanks for asking. I'm at the link page but I have no idea which one I need to choose. Is there a video where I can see this? I'm still at Lesson 9, Course 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp. I guess I'll find out along the way. But I was so tempted to put that siterubix box/banner on my new site. :-)

Yes, Here: Kyle will cover this later in bootcamp lessons.

Thanks so much! I know I'll find it later on through the lessons. :-)

Here you can copy it https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share/links

Thanks Loes. I'm still stuck. Once there, which of those many do I choose?

This code should give you the box on your website, you paste it into your text area, when you click, after pasting the code, on preview, it should be there

Oh, okay. You're a life saver! :-) It's just that. I will need to paste it at the text area just like when I embed youtube videos then! I haven't tried it. But I get the idea. I'll let you know once I've done it. Hopefully it's a success. Thanks so much Loes! :-)

Yes, just like you embed a YouTube:)

Yeay... It worked.... Thanks so much Loes!

Have a nice weekend. :-)

Nice to hear:) Have a great Sunday too

It's a great relief. You're so great! ;-)

Now that IS an interesting question. Interesting because I have it on my website but I've no idea where I found it.

I would give you the link but, when I look at it, it's highly customised. Did I customise it? Did I receive it already customised? I have more questions than answers.

Try the following link, but put your WA ID where I've put xxxx (It actually works with the xxxx in it)

Thanks so much for replying. This must be funny but I have no idea what my ID is. LOL. Where do I go to see what my ID is?

Click on the airplane icon at top of page. The top line is your Affiliate Link, and your ID is the number after the "?a_aid="

It will be added automatically when you go to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share/links

Yeay... found it! Thanks so much Chris! Now I know what my ID is. I'vee been sharing contents from WA to my site but I never bothered to know what my ID is. Everything's so automatic.

Thanks so much for your help and have a nice weekend! :-)

Yeah, automatic is not always a good thing.

I have a compelling need to know what goes on under the hood. That, also, is not always a good thing.

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Why does jaaxy says page 2 but I can't find it in google?

Why does jaaxy says page 2 but I can't find it in google?

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Getting Started

I've been using Jaaxy and everything has been fine. Except today, when I checked in on a post.

The keyword is: Elken Bio Pure Water Filter
The URL is: jutawanjelitawa

Thanks for the share.

You're most welcome! I was scared that my post suddenly disappear from Google! I'm glad it's still there. :)

I am a novice at this but could it have something to do with black Friday and new competition pushing your site down?? I was reading about PPC pay - per - click marketing and this came to mind. It is just a thought. I hope someone else will give advice. I wish you success and happiness in your life. Yvonne

Why didn't I think of it? LOL. Anyway, Ian has replied. He found it on Google. As I told him, I guess something's wrong with my google today. :)

Its in the middle of page 2 when I search for it.

Oh, thanks for checking it. Must be something wrong with my Google. :)

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Sitemap index warning says urls unreachable, what to do?

Sitemap index warning says urls unreachable, what to do?

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Getting Started

I received 1 warning on my sitemap index. It says: URLs unreachable.

When we tested a sample of the URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some of the URLs were unreachabl

Hi Indahpermai, I have receive exactly the same warning as above. Can you please advise how did you solve this problem ? or is it solved ?

Your site was slow or down when it was checked. Or maybe you changed the tags for your posts and pages? I think it does an update daily for most content and weekly to others. You can always remake your sitemap and resubmit.

Was it slow? I haven't changed any tags, posts or pages. But I have added a few more posts. It could be that my site was down like Loes said.

I guess your site was down for a while
I have read several of this complaints today
Here is one with a re: of Kyle

I've read the response from Kyle. So, I guess it could be that my site was down for a while. Thanks for the insight. I'm glad I asked.

Hi Indahpermai,

It only means that Google Robot could not search that URL in your provided sitemap. The failure happens for several reasons:

1- Your sitemap is syntactically incorrect. You can check it with W3 Validator.
2- Your sitemap is listing URLs incorrectly.
3- Your site was down for a while.
4- Your site was slow
5- Your security setting prevented Google bot to reach specific pages on your site.
6- You may remove that specific page in your site and it does not exists anymore.
7- Some mobile sites that restrict access to clients of mobile only.

You can easily take care of it with examining your site's access and error logs. I also recommend you to take a look here to identify it:


Great reply. I'll check out the link and see what's going on. Thanks for replying.

For server issues you would be looking at Site Support assistance.

Thank you for replying. I'll get in touch with Site Support then.

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Is google webmaster tool and google search console the same?

Is google webmaster tool and google search console the same?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I googled for Google Webmaster Tool but the page that I landed on was for Google Search Console. So is Google Webmaster Tool the same as Google Search Console? I'm assuming it

six of one, half dozen of another case.

Thank you for taking the time to read the question and to reply. I think maybe Kyle & Carson need to update the Certification courses to update the info. I was confused back then but I had the feeling they're one and the same. Thanks for your reply.

Yep, looks like it just changed it's name. Sly little ...


Thanks for replying. I was confused between the two. Just want to make sure it is the same thing. :)

Google Webmaster Tools was rebranded as Google Search console in May of 2015.

So, functions and everything else maintain the same? The only change is in the name? Thanks for replying.

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How to scroll down comments to the earliestfirst comment?

How to scroll down comments to the earliestfirst comment?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

How do I scroll down comments made on a post to the earliest/first post? Is there a faster/short cut way to scroll down comments instead of pressing the scroll down arrow butto

I am sorry Indahpermai I think that is the only way. You could ask the question again tho and get a new set of responses.

Hey, thanks for the reply. No worries. I was just wondering whether anyone else have any luck or solution to this. Thanks again.

My pleasure!

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