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Last Update: December 14, 2017

I love the blog posts here on WA. I wake up every morning and learn of some new tool or technique that I can utilize in my business to help me grow my audience, analyze my data or create content with more efficiency and substance. I have decided to build my first property (40 properties generating $110 a day - based on a 20 day work month $1,056,000 a year in revenue) using the Bootcamp model. Mainly because of this reason - CONTENT -

It's everywhere, it's informative, engaging and there are an amazing range of topics to choose from. You know it's funny you would think a bootcamp site is all about SEO, Keyword and sales content but it is also about inspiration, support and stories of human triumph and all that stuff is here. I spend a fair amount of time reading many of your blog posts just for this reason but did you know how valuable they are out there? I do and I will show you what I do with them.

I created my site https://theeducatedaffiliate.c... a few days after I registered here on November 16, 2017. From the Bootcamp and Certification courses, I learned about Pretty Links. I already have a small following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and I cultivate them but it has never grown and had the response I have had since I have been able to send out your content and mine from WA.

Here is what I do. I created pretty links for all types of content here on WA (because social media shuns affiliate links but Pretty Links seems to get it all through). I group them so I can refer back to them and some I send over and over. I also use WA content in my blog posts as well. I also use one WA content link and one Internal link in every post.

Because Carson and Kyle have done the most amazing thing, something I have never seen before and is absolutely brilliant, we are able to utilize this content. Most of you are aware of this but if you are not learn it and use it. We can send out this content as an affiliate link Cloak it with Pretty links and you can send it anywhere.

I do this multiple times of day - the response is nothing short of amazing.

The content here is both for learning and promoting, Brilliant! Folks write about so many things on here you don't have to be building the Bootcamp to utilize it. Read, learn and post!

Can you dig it,

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suzzziq Premium
This is wonderful! I need to do this, as well:). Thanks for sharing:)
MKearns Premium
content content everywhere. More than bright and shiny!
XavierPerez1 Premium
Groovin with the content! Always great informative posts. The sky's the limit when we do use all the content for sure.