The Journey of an Affiliate Marketer

Last Update: November 30, 2017

Never have I experienced a course, community or even paid one on one training, whereby the creator of the content set out an expected result if the content were followed. Now I am not holding WA to anything but I'm betting if I do what the Bootcamp says, I will get what the Bootcamp delivers. In the first 6 months, I can do this.

So far I am in the middle of my first month and right on target. A few early hiccups but nothing to shake a stick.

Whenever I have been told that if I follow a certain course of action I will get a certain result. Mostly around athletics, I listened to my coaches and I got the results. When I didn't, I didn't get the results. What that taught me early is that it's all on me. As long as the teacher and the content were of value (WA is certainly that) then I knew if I did the work I would get some semblance of the result. Sometimes more, sometimes a little less but always some semblance of what is expected.

So I am excited. I am going to follow this to a tee. For those of you who are reading this and have yet to register for Wealthy Affiliate, my only question is what are you waiting for. This is what is promised you after the first phase of the the Affiliate Bootcamp and what you can look forward to if you do the work. You can get to this point with a free membership so why not?

So far, just 15 days in I am on target and I am 3/4 of the way to the promises in month 1. Can't wait to move on but really I am having a blast right now on the journey itself.

Can you dig it?

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LeighGilburn Premium
I LIKE it!
DValentine Premium
Good post Damo - certainly looks good when you have an excellent map to steer by.
DDrees Premium
You are on point about not expecting instant results and staying the course. I would guess that the drop out rate because of not getting instant results is likely the reason many don't succeed. We are a generation of people who expect instant gratification. Thankfully I am old enough to know better. ;-)
imthedamo Premium
Me too Drees!
AnnieCollyer Premium
I dig it, Damo. I am in my first 2 weeks, and learning, blogging, following the program, which is extraordinarily well laid out and simple to follow, step by step. It is fun. I am a retired business owner, and having a blast with this, without the headaches of bills to pay or employees to satisfy. Instead I am making new friends, writing about things I love and even getting feedback that people are being inspired. What;s not to be happy about...yes, I dig it.