I just saved $13.45 because I didn't have to buy another course

Last Update: November 21, 2017

I love that... not just saving the money but literally not having purchase any more affiliate marketing courses for as long as I live.

I was an affiliate marketing course junkie or at least I have been for the better part of 2017, when I made a commitment to build an affiliate marketing business that will sustain me. Now I was not one that would just buy everything, set neatly in a file on my hard drive and never look at it again. No, I read everything and acted and implemented everything that was pertinent to what I wanted to accomplish. $37 here, $12.95 here oh and the infamous oto's God I hated those things.

I finally was realized that reading or watching reviews before I purchased anything was a great idea. You can read more about that here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co...

But I have discovered and even greater tool that WA offers without even knowing they offer it. It is very subtle and simple but powerful. So powerful in fact I am going to start a spreadsheet (if you know me you know how much I love spreadsheets and how I think excel is the greatest software ever invented) to log how much money I save with this idea.

So here it is, when I am faced with an intriguing course or software out in the pitch world (this is what I am going to call the rest of the affiliate marketing world outside of WA from now on) I make sure I listen to the whole pitch which is usually how they never had shoes as a kid and made a million dollars last week from this idea, check the reviews and then...here it is... drum roll please... search for the same training or blog post on WA!

How about that for an original idea. When I first did this it was like, "Duh."

Simply put this is how vast and amazing this community is. There is nothing in the Pitch World that is not here and more accurately presented with a more common sense approach. Why, because no one is trying to sell you, rather they are simply sharing their experience, strength and hope. It is a program of attraction not promotion.

Hey I belong to another group with those same principles and it works quite well their too.


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TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Damo, LOVE it!

Oh I hated those OTO's (one time offers) too! Man, they are pesky little things!

It will be interesting to see what your spreadsheet reveals!

Please also keep a note of the WA answer's URL in your spreadsheet - that is going to be a VERY valuable reference later on!
Jason T Premium
keep coming lol. great blog here I like your thinking.
CraigKnight Premium
Great perspective. Using this formula, you're/we're saving hundreds per month.

Great post. Thanks
Kikideek Premium
Awesome revelation Damo... I'm going to be trying for sure!
TDBauer Premium
Well said!