Am I A Trooper Or A Blooper

Last Update: April 27, 2020

Bad News...

That is a famous email subject lines revealed by the IM guru Frank Kern a number of years ago that gets one of the best open rates in any business!

I know this fact because I purchased one of his high ticket courses Mass Control back in 2009 I think it was? The reason I started with a headline like that was because I have an annerversary approaching that is a milestone that I relflect upon every time it comes around and I think many affiliate marketers do too.

It will be twelve years in IM!

Sometimes, I'm afraid to admit it because I'm not making a job replacing income as I write this post, but, I have made money from some of my online efforts even though that sum is nothing to be too proud of. I bet there are people who are reading this now and thinking along the lines of "wow, you've been doing this make money online stuff for 12 years and you're not even making a living from it"!

I remember making this blog post on one of my many re-instated personal blogs a few years ago around the same time and I know that a few of you can relate to it so I thought I'd include it here.

But I keep on keeping on

Why? Because I know that I will reach my goal of becomming a successful internet marketer who earns enough from my online efforts and skillsets and in turn helps more people do the same.

At least I will be there for those who, like me have been at this for years and it will give them hope to keep trying and be persistant. I have tried so many things in the internet marketing niche and maybe that has been one of the mistakes? However, I have learnt from those mistakes and eventually I gravitaed toward my domain buying habit and domaining as my main focus.

I have found my niche within a niche

Internet marketing is something that I have been passionate about from day one and I love to invent and create info products too, but, I can do that alongside my domaining which is what I am now working on as my business model.

This strange situation the whole world has been going through with the COVID-19 Lockdown, has given me the time to reach this realization point in my IM journey. I have always enjoyed my day job and maybe the fact that I was well paid and in the comfort zone with the position I held, I didn't really want to quit my job enough to be treating my online activity as a business?

So where does Wealthy Affiliate come into it

I've been asking myself this question and I have a few ideas that I'm thinking about before making the commitment to going premium. I have a little over 4 days to take advantage of the early bird discount offer, so I will be making sure it would be the right thing to do for me.

If any of you wonderful premium members would like to add to how I can gain from WA even after 12 years in the IM space, then I would love to here your thoughts or suggestions.

Stay focused and jfdi.



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