Is PTC worth it?

Last Update: December 09, 2013

I was wondering if there is anyone out there actually making any money on PTC (paid to click) websites? I'm not crazy about them myself, clicking ads for .001 cents per ad is time consuming. But some seem OK for people with $0 in their pockets to generate some cash to "graduate" to WA.

I myself was able to use Clixsense surveys to generate enough cash to pay for most of my premium membership. And renting referrals on sites like NeoBUX and NerdBUX seems plausable to make something (after ALLOT of clicking).

I know it seems ridiculous, but when you really have $0 to work with you have to start somewhere.

I wouldn't necessarily suggest advertising on any PTC's for Niche sites, because it's a vacuum audience of people wading through scam after scam. But it may be a good place to do a WA ad campaign so that those clickers can see the "WA light" and be saved from the sea of Scamopolis...

I was also wondering if auto traffic exchanges like Hitleap, 247 Hits or manual ones like Hit 2 Hit actually damage your google ratings instead of help. I haven't been through the traffic training in WA yet. So I wouldn't know. I ran across these and others in the past before I came to WA and was curious. They seem like a waste of time, but I wasn't sure.

Thanks for your opinions!

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davecrokaert Premium
If you have no cash to start the survey's depending on where you are from might just about pay for your wa membership. I did them for 2 months because I was testing a few for an experiment and ended up still doing survey's on clicksense. Wich makes about 50 dollar a month. (Clicking adds and tasks are negligeable, the survey's actually pay you some cash) Nothing to write home about but it paid for my wa without my girlfriend nagging to me about using our 'real' money for it :p
mr3dds Premium
If you could get thousand direct referrals !
Vuong1213 Premium
It's a WASTE OF TIME if you wanna make some money with PTC. It takes you a huge bunch of time to click on those links/ banners to get ZERO point zero zero zero...dollars, then you will have to wait for some payout limits, some $5 some $10...Imagine, when you can cash out with just 10 links of $0.0001 a day !? Stop wasting our precious time.

However, there's a good side from PTC sites (of course good ones). We can build the customer list from there by buying super cheap ad packages to get clicks.

Some of the good PTC sites to target: NeoBux, Clixsense, DailyHits4u

Good one: TrafficSwarm. This one is different. Traffic from this site is very targeted (you can target your ads based on geographical location)
im101dude Premium
Agreed. Clicking is a waste of time. However it is a daily requirement for some sites to have 4 clicks a day. Not for advertising usually though, they gladly take money for ads. Thanks for your comments!
jeffreyhuan Premium
From my experience, PTC is not worth it. I tried many PTC sites when I got started. NeoBux is the best one but I didn't make much money.
im101dude Premium
Yeah, I know with NeoBux it seems like you have to spend everything you make to maintain rented referrals. I've made like $15-20 bucks, but it's all been put back into maintaining referrals. I think it's a loosing battle of escalating dollar amounts that just dis-appear in fees...
jeffreyhuan Premium
Yes, you are right. All earnings are spent on maintaining referrals which leaves no profits. Stay way from PTC sites. They are just a waste of time.