How to improve my website further?

How to improve my website further?

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What should I do more to improve my website

I have been working on this website for the past 6 months. Besides following through Kyle's traini

Adding more color, and images wouldn't hurt. Also, as Alano staed, try a different theme selection as well.

I like your blogs. I suggest trying a new template. A better designed template that resembles a modern and fresh appearance will add to your blog's credibility.

If you look at they were originally challenged with credibility and decided to add large, quality photos. The other concept they have used is very fresh and clean designs.

There are many templates that are free and you can test in your website's Themes admin.

Great effort!

Hi,thanks for your suggestion.I will search for a new template and try it


some of the articles are a bit short in my opinion.
And I wouldn't show whole articles in the blog roll.
An excerpt is usually be better, because people don't have to scroll so much to get an overview of your latest posts.

It seems you are not using keywords correctly.
I didn't check all your posts, but it seems that you don't place your main keyword in the title, the first paragraph and at the end of your article.

Use categorys to categorize your posts and create menu items for those categorys.

Other then that, I think you are doing a great job already.


Hi Moritz,thanks for your suggestion.I will try it out

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