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I look at my competitors, and I cant help but sometimes think "will i ever get to their level?" ..It actually scares me when I think this way from time to time, because I know these authority people/sites have deep knowledge in my niche and are far from newbies. They have been around for years and have raving loyal fans and make tons of money...They have it all....and it pisses me offDo I really get angry sometimes? Yes. Is it discouraging? Yes. I know deep down inside that i can bang with the
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December 13, 2016
So far its been well. Having 2 jobs and a girlfriend keeps me busy, so I literally have to be creative on how to use my time and still focus on my business. And so far Im proud of what I have accomplished so far. Im indexed in google, I created more valuable pieces of content, and I have committed to put up at least one blog a week. My goal within the next 3 months is to be ranked number one in google. My 6 month goal is to make good money and finally quit my job. My 12 month goal is to be know
December 05, 2016
Great Course so far. Looking forward to upgrading to premium!