Those things we still don't do

Last Update: January 07, 2019

I am calling out my own bluff. And it's an interesting mix that's for sure.

In the last couple years I have lost my wife to cancer and been forced (thats how it feels) to kind of reinvent myself.

Truth is I don't think I knew exactly where I was going before, but she was with me and as long as I followed her and took care of her, she took even better care of me.

Now I am here by myself and I have learned to love myself. I have learned that it is better to praise yourself for just one positive step forward then it is to berate yourself for the things on the list that didn't get done.

Of course we get the have tos done in life. Those lines we all make for ourself that decides what we strive for in life and what we settle for.

There is a line between laziness and timing, between fortitude and failure. As long as you have the voice telling you about a dream, then you have to decide when you are going to pull the trigger.

My anguish sometimes mixes in with the reality of the death of my wife. I know somebody always has it worse and I have things to do. I believe she was needed elsewhere in the Universe. Whatever can get me through the moments sometimes.

A close friend said, there is no linear line for emotions, only circles and circles of scribbles.

So my friends I come to this part in my journey in calling my own bluff. I have done it a few times in the years I have been here but it is time to unleash if you will.

I have to do a lot if not all of the things I know I should do, but don't.

Can't exactly put an exact reason on all of it. Maybe, and I do believe that part of it is still the timing of my life and the universe. That is as much as an excuse as it a truth about how I move forward and the messages I want to put out. Not all of it has a monetary reason.

That can also slow me down a little bit.

Let's get to the real point here though, for my sake and yours as I form my thoughts here.

When I was in commission sales, one of the great things that brought me here to learn making money online, the founder of the company had proven results in his entire sales program.

It was a canned presentation, it was well researched and fine tuned, and it worked. Period.

A numbers game, luck of the draw for how many people came through the door, but, if you followed that program, did all the things on the list, chances were in your favour, you would make a sale.

The list was extensive too. It covered absolutely everything you could possibly be thinking to operate a retail store to the consumer. Appearance, attitude, personality and pitch. Your entire presentation was based on customer interaction and questions. All of this mixed in with your own personality for the delivery of course.

One of the things the owner of the company liked to point out all of the time, was that the highest earners in the different stores, were the consistent ones. He was pointing out these people seemingly followed all the little details and made sure to do everything on the list.

Every, little, thing. No matter how silly or awkward or boring, or even simple.

Shake the customers hand. Something these days that is not always cool. But make an introduction.

Tell them your name.

Ask them how you can solve their problems.

Now, as a salesperson, if you can imagine working with a customer and you know your product and what you are doing but for some reason, just didn't introduce yourself for some reason. Even if you said to yourself, hey friend, tell these people your name.

Depending on what else you do or don't do, especially the stuff that might be the most important parts of the list, will obviously effect your success rate.

Here I am now asking myself what I should be doing and what I am not doing, and especially why.

I don't do the courses in the right order or follow the steps because I have an insane stubborn block in my head for following something like that. Terrible excuse.

My other excuse if you will, I'm lazy. I really think that is it. I lack the confidence at times to just pull the trigger. I mix that in with missing my wife and it all becomes justifiable.

Most of the time.

It is gnawing at me because here I am writing my heart out again and calling myself out on doing the work here.

I have a game plan.

Develop a morning routine and focus on the top 3 things in my life I want to do.

Brick and Mortar, online delivery platform in final stages of development

Online Motivation and conversation starter with personal blogs.

Affiliate Marketer, promote WA!!

Website and Social Media Agency.

I have just returned from a roadtrip to Las Vegas with my mom.

It inspired me and changed my life. The experience was meant to happen.
It also sucks returning home and being alone again.

However I have forgotten about all the blessings in my life, and the many good things that I can still do.

First thing was to get it all out of my head again and I love putting this stuff out here, at WA.

Today is different though. My birthday is coming up and despite wanting to ignore the realities of time...I want to get stuff done.

I saw a posting that asked what my word for 2019 was....I answered acheive.

I will be back tomorrow, to say something and hold myself accountable.

I'm grateful to everybody here and anybody that can relate.

Thanks for reading.

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lesabre Premium
Hi Jared, thank you very much for sharing your feelings. For me it take courage. I do not have that right now.
I lost my wife and daughter, what feels like yesterday, but it was may years ago.

"I must fix me". So honest and and powerful. I am a "Humpty Dumpty" of sorts. I am putting the pieces together as each day goes by.

Sorry, Jared your post, impacted me like a ton of bricks.
I have just realized that, "WA", is another, "Humpty Dumpty",for me. I am finding all these parts, and I find it so hard to put the pieces together. Fact is, I had walked away from being a part of trying to communicate with my WA Family.
Perhaps that is the reason my rankings went from 32 to the now new and encouraging 77.

Instead of a two letter word like "if" or another useless word like, "Regret" that rank of 77 has become something I just decided to put in the same category.

Reading your post made me realize, it my responsibility to myself to make changes, to enable me to move forward.

I have a new respect for you and I say thank you Jared.

Looks like I am going to be bugging Kyle and Carson plus the community and ask for help so I may be able to fix my, " Humpty Dumpty", site and continue on my long and winding road.
iJared Premium
Don't be sorry, I am deeply touched myself that I could relate to you on such a profound level.

Dont be hard on yourself either. You are doing outstanding!!

Rank 77! It's all an acheivement, and you are just as strong as I am. I am so grateful you reached out.
CandP Premium
Achieve and believe in yourself, Jared. Thank you for sharing your emotions and opening your heart. We are all fragile human beings just trying to make some sense of this life and survive.
We are here with you on the journey,
Colette and Philip
iJared Premium
You're awesome.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Jared, good to see you, it can take time for the fog to clear, we can be lost.

In sharing your thoughts and reflections there is a breakthrough.

Best wishes for a creative and successful year.

Definitely looks like you are back and ready for action.

How is the local marketing going?

iJared Premium
Thank you! You're timing for that question is awesome.

Have to face the tedious work of data entry but putting a package together that undercuts the competition but still offers a genuine package of the basics needed. Website, SEO and Social Media.

Hiring a commision sales person who believes in it. Time to get the creative sides for ads done and away we go!

I love being able to work stuff out here too!
Fleeky Premium
So good to read you
To a new and wonderful 2019

iJared Premium
Fleeky Premium
iJared Premium
You always make me laugh out loud.
Fleeky Premium
That is my gift
Make people laugh

heljam404A Premium
I could actually feel the emotions in your post. The sincerity and transparency in your words motivated me to a great degree. Thank you, sir, for sharing your heart with us.
iJared Premium
You are awesome for sharing that with me! Thank you!!