20 REASONS Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program In The World For Me?

Last Update: Nov 29, 2016



Because at WA You have and you get ...

1) All you need to succeed in affiliate marketing

2) The best community online worldwide

3) You can write blogs - this features keeps you focused, giving you insight about writing blogs, it trains you how to do it, it makes you a better writer, you can market your blogs, etc... etc ...

4) Ranking system is pushing you and at the same time teaching you how to work daily online, what can help you a lot regarding any business you are involved in

5) Badges you are receiving are symbolical but powerful method to keep You motivated and inspired

6) Private messaging is giving you a chance to get involved even more in friendly discussions, to exchange your thoughts, insight, advice in a more closely and private way

7) Asking questions and getting prompt answers is a great way to expand your knowledge, to rapidly educate yourself in any matter you want, it is actually a unbelievable broad accumulation of knowledge (the real library online), wisdom, help. This way you learn how to establish a Q&A system and to get used to being engaged with the members, and much more ...

8) Great engagement and help from the owners (where else can You get that?)

9) Web Site creation tools and hosting for up to 50 Web Sites, for one price!!! Think about it ... You can´t even create so many sites even if You can, right?

10) You can ask for feedback on Your site, you can also leave your feedback for other sites .

11) You can exchange your designing knowledge and ask for more tips about the improvement of your site...

12) You can even stay member fro free and create your free websites, and this, forever! Alone this is the incredible possibility...Consider my example ...

I joined as a free member (just because I was curious) three years ago, but I didn't join as Premium paid member until two months ago when I upgraded as Yearly Premium Member, and You know what ...my free membership was still there, untouched as I left it, and when I upgraded Kyle and Carson were there to help if needed .. This is just awesome!

You may ask: "Igor, why didn't You upgrade earlier"? The answer is simple, at that time I didn´t recognize the value, the tools, the system, the knowledge, the community here at WA.

I was searching online, went through many programs, read many books about affiliate and online marketing, and marketing in general, marketing some programs, discovering things, and what happened, I just lost three years for nothing .

... and, now I am here, and I will stay because WA is the best stuff ... Don´t do the same mistake ... You don´t have to search any longer anywhere else; here You have it all ... believe me!

If You don´t believe me, then try your way, and lose time and money .. But, You can believe me! WA is the best, because of everything is offering.

And You have it all in one place, everything is under your own control; you can edit, promote, create, engage, share, and learn stuff, and what is important for all of us, you can earn money!

13) The percentage of sales You make is great ... If You make just a few sales you are paying back your yearly membership ...

13) You have the multi-facet product which You can offer to anybody, from the beginner to the pro! You have great service as well, great support.

But one thing You don't have here is, your motivation, ambition, dedication , determination ... This is what You have to bring with Yourself

14) You can post training. Every training post is actually your promoting tool; you can post your affiliate links of your training to other social media sites, into your articles around the net, into your websites, into your signature files, into your postcards, into your ... you say where ... promoting possibilities are endless .. Share your created websites and share your links .

15) Every post, training, review, comment ... is actually your "door to the world, to the clients", your landing page. You can promote your posts, website, training and build your online authority, your online presence and get affirmed in the field ... what in return will help you to make money online .. I know, it is a process, but valuable one ...

16) You can spend hours on WA without getting bored; always getting new ideas, learning something, engaging, promoting and creating (web pages, training), leaving comments, liking ... ..."in one word", become fully engaged in "online stuff"!

17) Dear friend, may I ask You something? Where else can You get all this in one place for one yearly payment, very affordable one for what You get (I really hope Kyle and Carson don´t decide to raise the price up, he,he...) ... and again, also here, the answer is simple ... Nowhere!

18) That is why WA is for me the best online affiliate marketing company and community in the world!

19) I can promote WA and be safe, relaxed . I can be sure that I am offering a program, system, online opportunity with tremendous value, something with a lot of features, with a lot of tools, and something what is giving a possibility to earn money as well, to anybody who want to be active, to engage, to understand what is online marketing about, what is affiliation about, and who want to prosper in online marketing arena, on a long term ...

20) Do you also want to enjoy the full glance and the shine of the Affiliate Marketing DIAMOND?


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Absolutely, WA is the certainly the best online marketing program out there right now. Thanks for sharing.


There isn't another place like it. Thanks for the reminder about Wealthy Affiliate, Igor.

Thanks Mike! YAW!

Well put, Igol, I recently joined, and I indeed stop searching, literrally, My aim is to go through the lessons, promote my sites and watch them unfold. I know it will take time but at least I know where I am going I have confidence in an online entity now; no longer do I have to be looking over my shoulder.

Hi Colker! Thanks for reply!

Thanks, Igor! There certainly are plenty of good reasons for loving it here.

Thanks a lot!

Great post Igor :)

I m so glad i am a member here! For many years I am looking for a community to help me build my dream job :) I think or I m sure that I am in the correct place!

Kyle and Carson are very helpful! I receive a lot of help from the others in the Community as well!

Yes! I would like to enjoy the full glance and the Shine of the Affiliate Marketing Diamond. Now I am new in the affiliation and I will create a post on my website for WA :) I might need help as well!

Here, in my Country is very late!

Wish you to enjoy the rest of your day and for people who are living in Countries of my zone wish you to have a pleasant and telaxing evening with WA on your mind to create your strategy and to define your goals!!!

Marie P.

Hi, Marie! Feel free to ask if You need help! All the best!

Thanks for sharing, Igor!

Hi Reanna, thank You as well!

And there is lot more of good things coming, thanks for sharing Igor.

Thanks Minitrio! YAW!

All the pieces of success.

Yeah, right! Thanks M!

Great recap Igor of WA awesomeness :)

Thanks iZED!

Yes, WA gives you plenty of bells and whistles without any sneaky upsales. It's a trustworthy company.

Thanks Boo!

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training