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Man I'm finally at the end of the level 2 course! I took me a reaaaaally long time to get here due to other commitments (I started in May, and its already October!), but hey, slow and steady is better than no progress!I still need more understanding and practice about this whole SEO thingy and how to use the site manager in terms of modifying the website itself and optimising the keywords for each post or page.Still a lot of work to do, but really looking forward to more progress!So this is a m
Another small milestone I just want to blog about. From unranked, to a 6 digit rank, and now a 5 digit rank! Yay! Not that I'm trying to work my way to top 100 or anything, but improvement in rank would mean that I'm progressing, and thats motivating for me.Now, next ranking target; a 4 digit rank! I wonder how long I'll take....
Hi all!Level 2 starts off Lesson 1 and 2 with purchasing your domain name and transferring your website to the domain you just purchase ie; changing your website from to i have done however, was that i already bought my site name during the Level 1 training when creating my website. Therefore, I am able to breeze through Lesson 1 and 2 of Level 2 training as I already have my own website.Of course, when I started off the training here at WA, I alr
May 07, 2018
Yay! Finally done with level 1 of the training! I think i took a longer time than what i expected, but slow and steady is the way! My website still has zero content though, so i guess i'll have to fill it up while going through level 2 training. Just wanna blog my first milestone of completing the level 1 training and creating my own website. Still so many things to learn!Lets get to it everyone!