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February 04, 2020
I've been a trying to expand my network and follow more people. However, I came across quite a number of accounts that are still on premium, but inactive. Their last activity (blog/comment on profile) was like 1,2, even 3 years ago. I'm just wondering why they are still on premium. Why didn't they cancel subscription if they are not working at it on WA? So they are still payinng for WA even though they don't use the WA platform? Or maybe they already have a successful website and they can affor
Hey everyone, just wanna share about my Instagram journey, username: stillfigurineout. If you follow me, do DM in Instagram me that you're from WA and I'll follow back =)Slow startI created my Instagram account in Feb 2018. I started out slow and didn't post much because I wasn't into it that much. I posted only once or twice a week, and sometimes missed a week or two before posting again. Starting early 2019, I started to be more consistent in posting.It really took a while, but I finally hit
I've been working on Sitecomments since the start of the year, targeting the 50 comments within a month, and everything was smooth so far.However, I just had my first disapproved comment, and am quite disheartened by it. Sometimes we come across a site which we are not experienced in or have little knowledge of the content. I tried my best to give a feedback, gave my opinion but it was deemed too general. I feel lousy because Sitecomment=comment, I know we're supposed to give meaningful comment
Just an update on my progress from the goals that I set on 28 June 2019.6-month Target (by 31 Dec 2019):- Complete level 5 course Done!- Earn my first dollar!Done! I have four completed Amazon orders so far which amounts to an earning of a grand total of $3.14. Lol but that's progress nevertheless!- Around 30 views a day for my websiteWork in progress. I've been getting between 10-30 views daily, with most of the time fluctuating above and below 20.- Write about 50 additional posts (based on tw
Hey everyone! Would appreciate your inputs!First off, my goals that were set in my previous blog post, and in brackets my progress:6-month Target (by 31 Dec 2019):- Complete level 5 course (Currently at Lesson 5 of 10)- Earn my first dollar! (I got my first order! But not fulfilled yet)- Around 30 views a day for my website (Improved from 1-10 view per day, to 10-25 views a day)- Write about 50 additional posts, based on twice a week, every week till end of the year (Have been posting twice a w
Since it's been a year, lets see what I have done so far:- Have one website based on my hobby of collecting action figure- Have learnt a bit about SEO- Learnt the basics of Google Analytics- Created Pinterest and Twitter account (a year back, I only had FB, and only just created Instagram 😅)- Have 500 followers on Instagram- Only just completed level 3 of the course and three-quarter of the way through level 4- Signed up for a few affiliate programs (but worried I'll get kicked out cos
This blog won't be about WA.It's just a reminder to everyone, myself included.Sometimes we get caught up with our lives that we spend less time on the most important thing; our loved ones, be it our family members, cousins or close friends.I know everyone has their own situation. You may or may not be having a hard time in your life right now, but no matter what your situation is, don't forget, neglect, or procrastinate in connecting with those whom you hold dearly.Feel like you miss them? Ever
I've finally completed level 3 course! Yay!It's been more than a year since I joined, progress has been slow but gradual. The learning curve is steep but its really great that there are a lot helpful people and resources!To those who still struggle like me, if you have any question or need any help, do use the question search box at the top of the WA site. That small rectangular box on top has helped me numerous times and cleared my question without needing to asking anyone personally.Of course
Hi everyone!It's been slightly over a year since I joined WA. My progress has been slow, especially towards the end of last year and early this year, but I've been trying to pick myself up since, and my website is finally looking like what I had in mind. Do take a look; the link is at the bottom right of my profile page. Any comment or feedback is most welcomed! 😀I still need to have more posts though, and need to learn more as to how to drive traffic! Traffic's been bad, consistently b
Hey!It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been making very slow progress since my last blog post, and still have yet to finish even Level 3 of the course. I really need to plan my time will to progress further in this.I am, however, still trying to maintain my site (as its more of a hobby than to earn money.. for now at least, heh). I added a google analytics plug in, and saw that my site has really little hits from google. It has been a consistent 1 or 2 views a day, with only a max of 4