My trip in online ocean in 7 months, learning, trying, failing and getting back on track to learn an

Last Update: January 12, 2018

Hi everyone, my name is Ion and I am in this adventure so called online marketing for almost 7 months. After our second Bebe was born I realized that a passive income other than th salary is mandatory to enjoy the parenthood and to enjoy the life. After some researches I end up joining Wealthy Affiliate and started to learn a lot. I set up one site and learned a lot about the basics how to built an online business. On the way I chose a very competitive field football. So I picked 5 League Italy, Spain, Germany, France and England to present in one single article most important highlights, Results and League tables plus I inserted different links for Affiliate marketing. Despite the key word and work on google plus and shares on Facebook the traffic stayed at 0.

Money online can be madness from Affiliate programs as well from being the link between lead generator amen and companies who’re paying for leads so in the next couple o favor days, Weidner or months i plan to study’s Moreno avut this this in order to get some experience about somebody real money earned online.

Second think now I’m paying for likes on Facebook in order to promote some items that I’m trying to sell under drops shipping status. So there are plenty of wayang to make money but it requires a lot of studies, time, risk and some money to try if it will work or not.

My site is and I’ll be More then happy to get some hints or advice avut some practical steps to get some results closer more traffic and some money in order to realize that wherever I’m doing is in the good path or there is a total change.

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buffetearns Premium
The website looks great. I have little experience on the website and gaining audience. What Karen says below sounds like logical advice. Great website though!

I wish you luck and I hope it’s just a matter of time before it becomes more established!

Memorylaneuk Premium
I agree that the site should appeal to many football fans. Traffic can take a while. Promote it on all the social media sites but there is no need to pay. Create a Facebook page for it and join relevant sports groups on there where they allow promotion. Twitter would also be a good social media platform to use.
With Grace and Gratitude
LouisaB Premium
I adore the brightness and the sharp colors that makes everything stand out. Neatly arranged articles, and right to the point. Professionally done! Great and awesome site.

Thank you for sharing it!
AllanSiegel Premium
I looked at your site, and it is laid out very well. My knowledge of soccer is limited, but you seem to have a good handle on it. Keep pressing onward and upward.