Insults on your post comments? No Problem!

Last Update: February 25, 2021


Today I got this "amusing" comment on one of my posts...

Some person called me a "shithead" and I quote, "I hope you rot in hell".

All this for promoting a program that I don't even promote.

Well, all he got from me was a big laugh and a reply with a bit of love and a top of sarcasm!

Situations like this will probably happen to you as well, so remember, If this happens don't let people like him ruin your day... just fight hate with love and a bit of sarcasm ;)

Wish you all a great day!

Take care ;)


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BrightSales Premium
You've handled it better than me as far as responding back to the person. But I would delete the comment if that had happened to me, so that it doesn't look like I'm having an argument with a visitor on my website.
Some people might see this as a "come on" to vent out their anger just to feel good about themselves even if it's not directly at you or your content. Think about this. A pandemic and with frustrations can motivate trouble makers to dish out their anger on others.
I see this on YouTube, and other social media platforms as well. If this was W.A. platform, then I think we can handle it as we are one big family. But your website with your contents might be a way for these troubled people to hate as much, which when trying to be sarcastic about it could look bad to new visitors. I'm just giving you my different perspective on it. All the best!
PaulWatson Premium Plus
I got one the other day on a MLM program review asking me how I sleep at night trying to attract traffic by bagging companies. the funny thing is all I said about the company was who their name, when they were founded and what they sell - nothing more.

I responded by asking her to share her story of success and I would add it to my post... So far nothing back... Always post your negative comments and always answer in a positive light.
I-Pedro-I Premium
Hi Paul,
That's just the way to handle things...

Well "said"/done.

Thanx for sharing!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well done, Paul!
Freedomseekr Premium
Excellent response in my opinion Pedro! Unfortunately, eventually we all get rude, insulting comments at some point or another. I know I've gotten a few over the years, lol.

Dealing with insulting comments like this isn't the easiest thing to's hard not to return the feelings and the insults, lol. But, you're definitely right on with this! I've always found it best to take time to cool off first, then reply back with kindness, understanding, and of course, a bit of sarcasm if I can.

I've found this to work quite well...not only does it make you look more professional, but in my experience these people never reply back again with more insulting comments. The old saying, "kill them with kindness" applies to many situations in life it seems.

Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
I-Pedro-I Premium
Absolutely, I totally agree with you!

In the past, I would retaliate, but I find that this type of approach works a lot better

Thank you for your comment.

CMarc Premium
That's the face of envy. There's always a messenger and a receiver in these matters of rudeness. With comments of this type it's usually a quite accurate description of the messenger and not so much the receiver. The messenger just seldom realizes it.

Personally I would never allow a comment like this to be presented on my website.

I would simply trash it and quietly continue earning money :)
I-Pedro-I Premium
I understand what you mean, and in the recent past, I would do (did...) the same.

But, I believe that dealing with "haters" and trash talk can become beneficial as we grow as marketers, after all, it's still engagement ;)

Cheers Marc.
IamTracy Premium
A great approach Pedro! Well done and said!

I-Pedro-I Premium
Thank you, Tracy!

Wish you the best